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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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Dubya pardons his criminal buddy
Don't give me this "commuted sentence" nonsense; Libby got a slap-on-the-wrist fine and meaningless probation. Thanks to a spineless Democratic majority in Congress, there will be absolutely no accountability for this horrifyingly crooked administration, whose legacy is thousands of dead bodies for no valid or discernible reason.

It's depressing. This is one of those days I wish I was like the majority of this country, just dancing through life totally unaware of the political horrors taking place almost every single day.

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Spineless Democratic majority?

You can't dispute a presidential commutation can you?
I don't see what Congress has to do with it.

This does bode well for the 2008 election however. It pushes the issue into the forefront of debates concerning ethics and accountability. This gives the democrats fuel for their fire and encourages republicans to distance themselves even more from this administration, don't ya think?

I mentioned the Democratic Congress not in specific relation to the Libby case, but in more general terms; they don't seem to be able to stand up to the president.

But you have detected the silver lining, and I do thank you for that; I needed something positive to try to latch onto. The GOP has no way left to relate to regular Americans these days. Libby's pardon is just another example of their country club, good-old-boy attitudes.

Actually there's already talk of increasing investigations - the problem is the Democratic majority is pretty damn slim and the Republicans are still moving lockstep.

But actually you do have reason to be positive - last polls had about 75% of the population against commuting the sentence. The Republicans basically keep focusing on those narrow 20% of people who will vote for them even if the molest goats. They're making themselves a minority, regional party.

When it comes to Dubya's cronies, though, what does the public have to do with any of this? Have they ever once honestly given a rat's ass about what the American public thinks about any given issue?

But I see your point; I do hope the GOP gets a good, solid push out the door in 2008.

And you thought he wouldn't? That's our Bush!

Exactly. I am not in the least surprised, but I am nonetheless disgusted. o(:oP

There is, thankfully, one ray of hope amongst the spineless corporate welfare queens of DC - Senator Leahy:

"MR. RUSSERT: Are you prepared to hold the Bush White House, the vice president, the attorney general and his office under contempt of Congress?

SEN. LEAHY: That is something that the whole Congress has to vote on. In our case, in the Senate, we’d have to vote on it; in the House, they would have to vote on it. I can’t...

MR. RUSSERT: Would you go that far?

SEN. LEAHY: If they don’t cooperate, yes, I’d go that far."

But we'll see. He's a sharp guy, but Pelosi and Reid seem to be as happy as ever to go along with whatever Bush asks of them, mutual pouting notwithstanding.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I love Leahy, but he can't do much on his own; his party needs to grow a pair and unite.

Like I'm really surprised. It's not like the Worst President Evar(tm) is going to lose any popularity or that his administration can get any worse. I'm sure "Scooter" can afford the $250K fine by taking it out of his "bribe jar" or box full 'o oil profits (Or he'll just borrow it from Dick Cheney).

Nice icon.

Actually, it has already been announced that Libby's rich buddies, through a "Libby Defense Fund," will pay the fine for him--not one dime will come out of his own pocket.

IOKIYAR Justice (TM) once again. This from the president who sent 152 people to death as governor of Texas--and had pardoned no one thus far in his alleged presidency. Poor widdle Scooter was the only one deserving of such presidential attention.

BTW, the White House announced this morning that they will "not rule out" a full pardon. Which means it is forthcoming.

And yeah, I thought the icon was perfect! o(:o)

Oh i agree its irritating and annoying but i refer you to Brad hick's Journal for a fun little thought to mull


spineless little twerp... anyway lets see what happens. the president is lame duck now obviously and using his executive powers to try and cover his ass while he makes his retreat and lets face it he was a failure. Next!

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