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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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THE pic
Normally, I despise having my picture taken, with an intensity that cannot be measured on any scale. However, there are rare occasions when I am willing to make an exception.

Such was the case when I finally got to meet Rob Paulsen, after twenty years of correspondence. Pride is not very becoming, I know, but I am very proud to be in this picture:

Don't ask me why the both of us are leaning like that. Maybe we coulda used a couple of V8s.

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*blinkblinkblink* Did you cut your hair short? And he looks ... demented. In a fun way. :)

It makes you look a fair bit younger, even with the grey. I've been thinking about doing the same ... but that and my new glasses been afraid of suddenly looking my age. :)

Slamming one's ponytail in a car door can be a very powerful incentive. It's just a lot easier to take care of, as well.


Wait, how in hell did you do that? I can't think of any way to get my hair caught in the car door without trying to... although I have got it caught when rolling up the window at speed.

Separated at birth????

Why do you say that? Because we both lean? o(:o)

Well, I think if you gave Rob your glasses and he shaved (or you grew a beard), you two would look a lot alike :)

Rob is normally clean-shaven; due to a mix-up with his recording schedule, he couldn't get in to Pittsburgh until about 2:30 Saturday morning. He had his panel at 10:00 that same morning, meaning he had little sleep and/or time to groom before his full schedule at AC that day.

Heh--I honestly never thought I looked anything like him.

Yeah, I figured that probably wasn't his normal look :D Seriously though, you two DO look very much alike!

Heh...I am flattered. o(:o)

-laughs and hits you in the head like they do on the commercial- Ya could had a V8! Maybe your leaning cause the building is leaning? XD

From what people have said of the con, it seems like he had a pretty good time of it too. ^_^

Don't ask me why the both of us are leaning like that

Here you go. =:D

That works!

*watches as everything slides off the table*

I have to agree, leaning aside you two do look alike. And I cannot believe you remembered that old commercial for V-8s ^^; That's hilarious.

Hmmm...maybe I was adopted! Maybe Rob is really my dad!!!!

Of course, that would mean he had me when he was nine years old...hmm. The math doesn't work.

Perhaps I am the missing Warner Brother....

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...

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