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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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The Simpsons Movie
I promised myself I would see The Simpsons Movie the weekend it came out; I have been a hardcore fan of the show ever since it premiered way back in the dark ages of 1989. So, last night, I went and saw it.

In my opinion, and in a nutshell, the movie is definitely worth the price of admission. The sharpness and cleverness of the series is unquestionably still there; there were laugh-out-loud moments that had me with tears streaming down my face.

One caveat, though: there are spots in the movie that just don't seem to connect or hit on all cylinders; the series has had moments like this, too, in the past few years. I have heard rumors that Groening wants to flesh out the series to twenty seasons; that would mean there are two more full seasons to go. Barring any serious jump-the-shark incidents, I think that would work out just about right. But I digress.

In short, if you like the series, you will more than likely enjoy the movie. I plan to add it to my DVD pile when it comes out.

One little aside: Hot Fuzz comes out on DVD this coming Tuesday. I am all over that! o(:o)

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Well, as I've mentioned to several people, the movie isn't going to the average Moe off the street...the whole thing is one huge inside joke. It's like..Krusty the Clown tossing candy cameos and inside jokes to all of the devoted fans. I don't think you'd get all of the the running gags unless you had followed the series for at least a few years.

Like you, however, I've been watching it since 1989 and the Tracy Ullman days, and I thought it was great. It's a big-screen 90-minute long running gag :D

Oh, and stay for the credits..Groening packs a last few jokes in there too.

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