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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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Take your ball and go home, you f**kin' baby
Sergio "It's Always Someone Else's Fault" Garcia got sent home from the PGA Championship this weekend. His playing partner, Boo Weekley, accidentally scored a 4 on Hole 17 Saturday, when Garcia had actually played a 5. I will let Dan O'Neill at msnbc.com take the story from there:

Ultimately, it is the player’s responsibility to confirm his card is correct before signing it over. Ah, but there’s the rub.

Taking responsibility is not part
[of] Garcia’s game. For reference, see the recent British Open when he lost a three-shot lead on Sunday, missed an 8-foot putt on 18 to win, lost a playoff to Padraig Harrington and afterward acted like he was 27 going on 3.

...The bottom line appears to be Garcia was too sorry for himself to look closely at his card and too anxious to start brooding to prevent the mistake. Weekley said afterward he realized the discrepancy and tried to catch Garcia, but the sulking Spaniard had already signed and signed off.

When Boo tried to explain the boo-boo, Garcia’s reply was, “That just puts icing on the cake.” Well, at least he got one score right. The cake is always going to fall flat at the majors until Garcia changes the ingredients, until he stops blaming everyone and everything and starts holding himself accountable.

Grow up, Sergio. This prima donna bullshit is fine for basketball, baseball, football, tennis--hell, pretty much every sport but golf. The reason I love golf is it is an individual sport where you have to own your mistakes and move on--or perish. And the overwhelming majority of golfers are civil sportsmen--which makes a whiny little prick like you stand out all the more.