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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Cashew Lou: The First Decade
Just for the record, ten years ago today the character Cashew Lou made his debut on FurryMuck--December 12, 1997. Back in the days with ultra-slow dial-up connections on a shared phone line (which booted me off whenever a call came in), and lags on FurryMuck up to twenty minutes long.

Damn. Ten years.

And to this day there are still folks who can't wrap their minds around a person from the U.S. having a character who is Canadian.

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The numbers get scarier every time I turn around.

In February, my oldest character turns 12; if Taps were still on FM (he finally got purged, and I feel little sorrow for the loss), he'd be 12 on April Fool's Day as well.

FV will hit 10 sometime next year, I forget the exact date.

Awww...I kinda miss Taps.

I kind of miss having him around, too. But he had enough baggage that it was just hard to keep at it, not to mention he existed for many years as a nookie ex machina, something I've tried to get away from.

He still likes you though, Louis Of The Nuts. ;)

Hee. I think you have more nicknames for me than anyone else!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And Happy Anniversary to you, too! o(:o)

good god i feel like a child... My fursona is only 3 XD

Well, you're not a greymuzzle like me yet. o(:o)

You're not Canadian!?

Happy Birthday, Lou~

:hands you maple leaf-shaped cake:

I asked 'em to make it look like Mount Rushmore, only with the faces of the "Kids in the Hall" cast - but that woulda been kinda pricey. :\

Heh...thank you!

*dives into the cake* om nom nom nom! o(:o)

I love having frosting-y whiskers.

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