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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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How did they do it?
This may sound like a silly question, but....

As I braved a few seconds of chilly air to get to my heated car to drive to work in a climate-controlled building, this weird thought hit me.

How did folks who lived in cold climates during the nineteenth century deal with going to the bathroom during the winter? I remember as a kid seeing country houses with an outhouse out back--and to combat the inevitable smell during the summer, it was quite a way from the house, usually at least fifty yards or so. That's a long walk when it is ten degrees below zero outside--not to mention having to bare certain sensitive regions of the body to...well, to do your business. My best guess is that they used chamber pots indoors and then took them to the outhouse to dump them--that would involve much less exposure to the elements.

I also remember tales from old-timers about dealing with wasps (they used to love building their nests in outhouses), rats, and various other woodland critters during late-night strolls to the outhouse. Not to mention splinters in the backside!

I realize the pioneers were made of much stronger stock than folks are nowadays, generally; they had to be to survive. We have things so much softer and easier than they did. I would have made a shitty pioneer. o(:oP

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I think life just sucked then. :)

Let's also talk about wearing MUCH heavier clothing in a Texas summer with NO A/C in sight for a century...

Yeah. Nothing like itchy wool and broadcloth when it is 110 degrees in the shade. o(:oP

They didn't use a chamber pot. They went out there in the freezing cold and did their business.

When my mom was a little girl on a Pennsylvania farm, her parents didn't have indoor plumbing. That's how I know.

Gah. I will never take my indoor plumbing for granted again!

Or plumbing in general. There are many who say sanitation is one of the most important and far reaching inventions of mankind.. I'm inclined to agree.

Exactly. Many a plague and outbreak has been curtailed by liberal use of sanitation and hygiene.

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