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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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(no subject)

Please count your blessings out there if you have at least one person with you today who cares for and about you.

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happy holidays your self!

Thank you...and to you, too, big guy.

My thoughts exactly.

Happy Holidays Lou!


*snugs* Thank you, Khei. Despite all attempts at plans to the contrary, I wound up solo this year--and I hope it never happens again.

To you an' yers, whoever they may be, you giant-obssessed psuedo-Loonie you. :)

They are all many miles away this year, unfortunately...but hopefully this year only.

They may not be there but I see more than one here :)

You see more than one there?

What have you been drinking, and can I have some? o(:o)

Heh...sorry. I thought you meant Arizona!

So did I! ;-) Merry Christmas! *hugs*


*hugs the air three or four times before getting it right*

Thanks, and you, too! o(:o)

Nah I mean your journal. You should worry if you post and nobody says anything! Merry Christmas!

Thanks! You, too--maybe I'll see you at New Year's. *hug*

*Snugs* Happy holidays to ya!: )


Merci beaucoup--et tu, aussi! o(:o)

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