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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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Interview WTF
Someone please tell me if this makes any sense:

I got a call yesterday from a potential employer for an interview. They asked me to come in today (Thursday) at 1:00. As luck would have it, I already had an interview scheduled for that time, and have a couple on Friday, too--and none of my open time matched up with hers.

When I asked her if Monday would work, she told me, "well, we already have a very strong candidate and a great match for the job, and we are likely to offer her the position on Monday. Now, if she declines the offer, maybe we can fit you in for an interview at that time."

Seriously. What. The. Hell. Why in the jumping purple Christ are you calling me in for an interview, then, if your mind is already made up?!

This is the first job interview in my life I have denied outright. My head is still spinning from this bizarre turn of events.

Any thoughts out there?

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(Deleted comment)
Well, I won't be among those X people, that's for sure. O(:oP

I think I got an interview like that in my last job hunt. I flew to Dallas/Ft Worth the night before for an all-day interview, but I had the definite impression by the middle of the day that they were just going through the motions. At least the company paid the travel expenses, but I still had to burn a vacation day. And at least the company wasn't crude enough to come out and SAY they had another candidate.

I think that is what blows my mind the most: being told outright that they are just going through the motions without really considering me at all. I have to believe that was just a slip of the tongue on the hiring manager's part. I mean, I know it is just part of the game that some companies have interview quotas--but to announce it like that to a potential candidate--sheesh!

I would be ultra-pissed if I had to use a day of my paid vacation to go through something like that.

Blarg! That feels like an attempt at a calculated insult - she perceived some kind of dismissal from you, and thought she'd retaliate in kind. I could be quite mistaken, though - perhaps it's as silaren says, which would mean a rather more positive tone, where she's admitting it's basically all done anyway, so there's not actually a lot of point in you wasting your time.

When all is said and done, of course, there's no real gain in dwelling upon it, jarring an experience as it was.

Perhaps she felt insulted that I had a full schedule that did not match hers, but I figure if a potential employer wants me badly enough, they need to respect that and work with it.

But yeah, the bottom line is they have their person and are just going through the motions to meet some sort of quota. So I move on.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, exactly; I kind of felt like I was being hustled--it felt kinda cheap and tawdry.

Ah, well, there are other employment fish in the sea.

That sounds like BS to me. Usually they do have to interview a certain number of people, but even if their mind was already made up, you NEVER divulge that. Most normal companies have a regular interview period and for them to say that "you better show up early because we're already giving Miss X the job" is totally rude and inappropriate.

I don't think I'd want to work for a company that can't even be considerate enough during an interview.

That thought was in the back of my mind, too: if they are this inconsiderate even before the interview process, what kind of boss are they going to be?

I think I dodged a bullet here.

If they were honestly interested in you, they'd work around your schedule. The lady was quietly telling you, "we're not really interested in you but we need to interview other candidates before we give the job to the person we really want."

Don't spend any more time thinking about them. Concentrate on the other places.

I plan to do just that--onward and upward! Just getting ready to get suited up for my interview this afternoon!

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