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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I just got back from the final step in a seven-step interview process that took over a month. At the end of the interview today, the owner of the company slid a folder across the table to me--and it contained an offer letter! O.o

Not only is this a job, it is the job I have been hoping to land all through my job search. Without boring everyone with too many details, it is better in every way than my UT job--better pay, benefits, commute, office environment--and personal dignity.

Thank you very much to everyone who put up with my endless conversations and occasional emo during this job search. Your support kept me going!

Now am I so exhausted, I feel I could sleep for a week. And I may! o(:o)


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-hugs tightly- Congrats! Now get some sleep! -brings you to bed and tucks you in- ^^

Congrats. :) So what the heck is the job?

Online Advertising Administrator at an internet startup company here in Austin. They call themselves a "startup" even though they have been in business for almost five years now. I will basically be a database maintainer and supervisor, making sure all the thousands of little details are correct and that information is disseminated to all the right people.

All in all, it looks like a good gig...certainly much better than UT.

Right on. I'm disappointed the UT job ended up going sour, particularly as it started out so well!

Well, these things happen. I was hired by a wonderful person, and when she stepped down from the position, it was filled by a psychotic micromanager.

But that is behind me! Giggity!

CONGRADULATIONS! :) it truly IS an acomplisment in this horibel job market to land a good job :)

Oooh! Congrats, sweetie!

While I could make another congratulation-type reply to show you how I feel about this news of yours, I think my feelings could be best summarized through use of the following emoticon...


Excellent! I expect a less melancholy Lou next time I catch you on AIM! ;) *hug*

Awesome dude! Glad to hear!

Shine on, you crazy diamond! :D

Way to go! *envies*

Woohoo! Congrats! :)

Oh, finestkind! It's always a cause for happiness when one lands a good job, but even more so if it's something nigh perfect. ^_^ Time to plan for EuroFurence or the Sydney Mardi Gras, maybe..

Haha, sweet! Congratulations! 8D

Enjoy your nap, you deserve it!

(Deleted comment)
Ha! What'd I say? What'd I say?


Congratulations! Best news ever, hehe. =]


Congratulations are in order!!!!!

*hugs you good and tight* That's great news, wolfy! That is such wonderful news. Congratulations on not only landing the job, but the one you've been hoping for.

Have a great week's sleep, and all the best. :) *hugs*

yay! You can still stay at my place if you need it :) COngrats!

Hee haw and merry christmas! Congrats!

*looks for omens like a supernova or a three-headed calf*

You did not just quote from that movie. What have you done with the real Dr. Forrester? o.O

I did, to underscore the momentousness of the moment! I knew you'd know the source. :)

Well congratulations definitely happy for you and wishing well for the new job and everything. :D

Way to go, Lou! I'm glad for ya! :XD>

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