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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who emailed me, IM'ed me, paged me on the mucks or responded to my LJ entry yesterday about my job. Thank you for your congratulations and for sharing my moment of excitement. You are all wonderful people and are teh awes0mez!!1

I had seen the end of my working career at UT coming for quite some time, and a lot of you know I had been job-searching intensely since about mid-January. When I woke up today, the realization dawned on me that for the first time in almost three months I wouldn't have to be spending hours online seeking and applying for work, making follow-up emails and phone calls, or dressing up and stressing out for job interviews. The sudden disappearance of all that stress and tension has been a great relief--and amazingly exhausting. I feel like I have run a marathon or something. o.O

Anyway, the new job starts on Monday the 28th, so I essentially have a two-week vacation to look forward to in the meantime. If you are in the Austin area and would like to hang out, give me a shout!

Once again, my humble thanks to all my friends! *hugs all around*

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You're welcome! ^^ -hugs back- I hope this job will be less stressful to you then the last one. Now all you have to do is call up those or e-mail those (if you haven't already) that you have intevies with and tell them you found something.

If May wasn't so hectic we'd fly out and see ya!
Belated Congrats sounds like you swung something awesome :3

You're a really good person, and you're long overdue to have something really good happen to you.

Enjoy the good times!

Coagulations! Now that I'm not overwhelmingly jealous, I'm very happy for you! :D I dunno about you, but my first paycheck is taking my @$$ to Freebirds. :P

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