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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Making it all official
Went in to the new workplace today and signed about a million documents for healthcare, building access, life insurance, direct deposit, and the official signing of the job offer letter (which had to be witnessed and notarized by the office manager). I was also given a very long document regarding confidentiality of the company's product; it looks like they are very protective of it--which, of course, they should be; I have heard nightmare stories of small startup companies having product and clients taken away by former employees.

I also learned:

1) Time off for AC will be no problem, though it may eat up quite a bit of my vacation time for the remainder of the year--so getting away for the holidays this year looks like it may not happen. This may depend on how much I will be allowed to work remotely/telecommute--a subject I don't plan to explore until I am actually trained.

2) The only real dress code requires that I wear a collared shirt, such as a polo or dress shirt. Jeans, cargo pants and sandals are allowed--thank goodness!

3) Turnaround at the company is virtually 0%. This place strikes me as a company that is very careful when it comes to hiring people, and does all it can to keep them once they are hired. How I got through the process, I will never know. o(:o)

So, come Monday, I return to being a working-class dog...and am definitely looking forward to it.

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Enjoy it Brandon! I mean Lou :)


And it's Brendon. o(:o)

hehe i always thought that was their accent!

Congrats again! We'll see you at AC for sure, and keep us posted on the Holidays!

Well, rock on with your employed self!

Have fun at AC, too. *piercing you with beams of pure jealousy*

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