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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Job's first two weeks in review & iLou
In a nutshell, the difference between the new job and the old one at UT is like the difference between night and day. It has been challenging, and I have never experienced such an intensely high learning curve as I have here...but it hasn't felt high-pressure at all. In a very short period of time, I have learned a lot and have been able to apply all my new knowledge effectively. I am told repeatedly how well I am doing; in my entire life I have never had such a positive work environment. We had a little office gathering at a local restaurant after work on Friday, and the owner/CEO covered everyone's tab. It's the first time I have evar had my boss buy me booze! o(:o)

I think I'm a-gonna like it here.

In other news, as usual I have been about five to ten years behind pretty much the rest of the world technologically; I just got my first cell phone last June. Well, I broke down this weekend and used Uncle Dubya's bribe money to get myself an iPod. Then I spent all day yesterday uploading nearly every song in my CD collection to it--over 600 songs in all so far. Now I can rock out at work with everything from Adam Ant to Warren Zevon--with tons and tons of ELO and The Beatles in between, of course. o(:o)

I also got a nice docking station with speakers and FM radio to go with my iPod. For such a tiny thing, it puts out really nice sound. It also came with four iPod docking adapters; with the two that came with the iPod itself, I have adapters to hook up any iPod to just about anything. O.o

So, got job; got tuneage. Life is good.

Now to start gearing up for AC!

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Awww that's great! *hugs ya* I was wondering about your job situation. Sounds like the company has very good vibes and will be something that you won't get bored with in a few months.

Congrats! :)

Thanks! *hugs* Yeah, I am cautiously optimistic.

Heh! Describes my situation pretty well too. ^_^ I've encountered quite a lot in just the past few weeks, but with the help of the co-worker, I've been able to keep on top of it all; the boss, meanwhile, has been fine with just letting us get on with things, even if not always as quickly as he (or us) might like, given we're sometimes encountering odd, new challenges for the first time. A challenge is a load more fun when there's support. ^_^

iPod Touch, or the "classic"? I'm very tempted by the Touch, though I might yet go for an iPhone instead, once the 3G version's out - I don't like using phones, but they're handy on occasion; so if I have to get one, that's easily the choice I'll make. Would be fun to develop for, as well.

AC? With things going this well, maybe you can look into EF!

I got an 80GB Classic. As for EF, I don't have that much vacation or make that much money. o(:oP

Glad you are doing well. It is always good to work for a company that treats you with positive regard.

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