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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Obligatory Post-AC Post
Wow. My tenth AC. My tenth AC. My tenth consecutive AC.

I really respect--and envy--those who are able to give hour-by-hour recollections of the good time they had at Anthrocon 2008. I am not such a person, however, but I do want to highlight a few things.

To all the friends old and new I was able to connect with this year: I was thrilled to see all of you, and whether it was for a few passing moments or for hours at a time, it wasn't nearly enough time.

To all the artists I was able to talk to and collect art from: I can't thank you enough for obliging this perpetual fanboy. Collecting art is a big part of why I go to AC, and you all rock! I am only sorry I wasn't able to commission sketches from everyone I wanted to.

To Kage and the staff and volunteers of Anthrocon: Again, a fantastic job this year--you all make it look so easy...and I know it isn't.

To the Dorsai Irregulars: I had the unique opportunity to talk with some of you folks this year, and my respect for what you do has gone up exponentially. When the average view of a security person is that of a brainless thug, all of you show it can be done effectively with grace and compassion. Thank you for not allowing the few whiners and buttholes from keeping you from coming back year after year!

And as always, my heartfelt thanks to tchall for his hospitality, and for putting me up (and putting up with me) before and after the con.

Excellent AC, as always! Let's do it again next year. o(:o)

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Maybe next year I'll be able to hit AC.. prolly not with a table or anything but..

It was a pleasure, as always, having your company here at this fox's den. Thank you again, as well, for the very kind gift. As I've said, it was a complete surprise and gave me a much needed lift.

All the best, wolfy, and looking forward to seeing you again, muzzle to muzzle, next year.

Dammit, next year I AM coming.

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