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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Double (okay, triple) Bday!
Happy Birthday today to both baktre and simbab!

And might I add, the two of you have excellent taste in being born on this day. o(:o)


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Happy B-day to you too! (from Germany) :)

Heh...danke schön! o(:o)


12:02am, huh? Just sitting there waiting.

Happy birthday. :)

Heh...just happened to wake up at a quarter to midnight and decided to post. o(:o)

And thank you! *hug*

*hugs* Thankyew, J-Cat! o(:o)

An' a Happy Whelpday to you too, wolfy! *hugs!* :)

Thank you very much, foxy! *hug* o(:o)

Yaaay! And happy birthday to you too! *hug* :)

*hug* We 8-26'ers rock! o(:o)

Happy birthday, hatted & scarfed wolf! :)

Hee...thank you! And Happy Belated Pattysaur day to you, too. o(:o)

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