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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Worth a thousand words...or more

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You totally win a medal for this. :D I just about died laughing!

Hee. I really wish I could take credit for this...but I found it on the Daily Kos blog this morning. o(:o)

LOL! Classic!!! I want one!!

Doesn't it fit perfectly? With Duhhhhhbya and Cheney making cameo appearances as Smithers and Burns? o(:o)

Sadly, I think they will win. Unless Biden gets shot and Hillary gets the VP. :P

I respectfully disagree. McSame and Failin are falling apart more and more each and every time they open their lying, ineloquent mouths.

I really really really (x100000) hope you are right. I have little faith in people voting on the issues over "she had on a pretty dress." :(

We have almost two months, and the debates yet to come. Have a little faith! o(:o)

Well keep in mind the theoretical Obama electoral safety net

Iowa / Colorado / New Mexico he gets those and the states Kerry won and he gets the 272 necessary to win the election. Watch those three closely. Especially Colorado which has oscillated the most between the two major parties this election.

Dewey Defeats Truman. =};-3

Awesome! Although frankly, I think Maude Flanders is a lot better looking and a lot smarter than Palin.

Tell you what: I'll get the t-shirt launcher, and you get Palin to go to the concession stand. o(:o)


For a 70-ers, McCain sure looks healthy, tho'

Yeah, until he opens his mouth.

Hmm... not bad! But somehow, I think this ticket says it better...

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