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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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An Open Letter to All Evangelical, Far-Right Conservatives
You are the poster children for the old adage, "ignorance is bliss." This is no longer an issue of opinion or personal bias; it is your willing exercising of ignorance of facts.

I am now officially making a conscious effort to extract, to the highest extent possible, your ignorant kind from my life. Call it emo, call it an ultimatum, call it my sticking my head in the sand; I really don't care. I am officially done with dealing with stupid people who actively advocate and vote against the best interests of the United States and the average American citizenry.

Beneath the cut, you will find a fairly long list. If you agree with any or all of the statements in this list, kindly do us both a favor: do not talk to me or approach me in any manner whatsoever. Scrub me from your LJ friends list. Leave me the hell alone, permanently. I suppose this may sound harsh, and even a bit hypocritical, but I can only beat my head against a brick wall for so long before I pull my bloody forehead away and say enough is enough.

Just one added note: I do have some conservative friends who are more than open to honest, factual and frank discussions about the issues listed below. The people I am addressing here are those with permanently closed, locked and sealed far-right-wing minds who can't even see they are harming themselves or others.

So, kindly go away if you believe the following:

--that the George W. Bush administration has even the slightest understanding or concern for the average American

--that the protection of a human life should begin at conception but end at birth; from there forward a person is on their own, and that any other societal protection would be "socialism" or a "welfare state"

--that no woman is intelligent enough to make her own choices when it comes to her own body and reproductive rights

--that homosexuality is a sin punishable by eternal damnation

--that homosexuality is a "lifestyle choice"

--that the practice of a homosexual lifestyle is only acceptable if you are a prominent Republican official

--that the practice of pedophilia is only acceptable if you are a prominent Republican official or member of the clergy

--that IOKIYAR (It's Okay If You Are A Republican) is legitimate and non-hypocritical doctrine

--that the universe was created literally in six 24-hour days

--that the earth itself is no more than 6,500 years old, despite mountains of proof to the contrary

--that Creationism is a legitimate scientifically-testable theory

--that Evolution isn't (see above)

--that "Christianity" consists of assigning to God all your hatreds and bigotry, based on extremely loose translations of a 1,500-year-old man-written tome, which has been heavily edited and altered dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the years

--that the Jewish people will be pivotal in the End Times, but once they have served their purpose for "real" Christians to get into the temple of heaven, the Jews will be eternally damned

--that the Fox News Channel is an unbiased, fact-checked source of legitimate news and reporting

--that Iraq or the Saddam Hussein regime had any involvement whatsoever in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Flight 93 which crashed in western Pennsylvania

--that footage of those attacks is acceptable to use in political advertising by the Republican party, but is a "moral outrage" if any one else does it

--that the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, or any other disaster can be attributed to "God's punishment" against gays, Liberals, or feminists--or basically, anyone who doesn't agree 100% with your ideology

--that the "War on Terror" has created anything besides a mountain of dead bodies and even more potential terrorists

--that the majority of the civilized world hates the failed foreign policies of the United States is no big deal

--that capturing and/or killing Osama bin Laden is no longer important

--in the old stereotype of the "tax-and-spend liberal," despite the fact that the spending and deficit-building of the Bush administration has outpaced all the previous American presidential administrations combined

--that it is in any way acceptable that nearly 50 million Americans--roughly one-seventh to one-sixth of the country's population--has little or no health insurance coverage

--that George W. Bush's reference to the United States Constitution as "just a goddamned piece of paper" was just a cute little joke or slip of the tongue

--that Barack Obama was ever a member of the Muslim faith

--that Barack Obama's middle name somehow makes him a Muslim--with the understanding, of course...

--that all members of the Muslim faith, without exception, are wild-eyed terrorists obsessed only with the destruction of all Americans

--that somehow you can equate the surname "Obama" with "Osama"

--that the distribution of "Obama Waffles," depicting Barack Obama as a thick-lipped Aunt Jemima stereotype--with a bonus image on the box of him in a Muslim turban--is "political satire" but not racism

--that wearing buttons that read, "If Obama becomes President, can we still call it the White House?" is anything but openly racist

--that, for even a microsecond, you seriously pondered the question, "Is Obama the Anti-Christ?"

--that the use of the term "Democrat Party" somehow doesn't make you look immature, cruel or illiterate

--that hunting defenseless wolves from the air in a helicopter is not a barbaric, cruel and unfair practice

--that book banning and/or censoring deals only with the protection of our youth, and has nothing to do with the tenets of Fascism or violation of our First Amendment rights

--that referring to your wife as a "cunt" and "trollop" is perfectly acceptable

--that Democrats/Liberals/Progressives hate America simply because they don't agree with you

--that wearing a United States flag lapel pin made in China makes one damned bit of difference

--that a yellow ribbon "Support Our Troops" magnet on your vehicle absolves you from any attempt at real support

--that taking your shoes off and putting your shampoo in a Ziploc bag at the airport security checkpoint accomplishes anything

--that an important selection criterion for a major world leader isn't intelligence, experience or ability to lead, but who you would rather have a beer with

--that Terry Schiavo should have been allowed to be a living, breathing piece of meat with no measurable quality of life

--that the sole goal of "education" in the United States should be teaching toward an ethnically-biased test--a program that is federally-mandated, but with next to no funding

--that Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents in American History (?!)

--that Bill Clinton's blow job was an impeachable offense, but that the treasonous and Unconstitutional actions of the Bush-Cheney cabal over the past 7.5 years are excusable

--that the American economy is currently in even remotely good health

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Wow. Those are all really good. So many people are really close minded.

Too many is right. Way, way too many.

-nods- For people like this. Is best to not waste your time or breath with them.

I couldn't agree with you more.

*hug* Thanks! I just wanted to make myself clear, in no uncertain terms.

Wait, I'm confused about one thing. What's wrong with "Democrat Party?" Is there a memo I missed?

Watch almost any Republican make a speech, and that is the way they say it, instead of "Democratic Party." With an emphasis on the syllable rat.

Ah, that's something I miss out on what with only reading my news.

*nodnods* A trivial thing, perhaps, but an irritating one nonetheless.

Well said, my friend.

*hug* Thank you, foxy! I really appreciate it; your opinion means a lot to me...and you are someone I know I can have an in-depth political discussion with, without any fireworks, nuclear blasts or milk spoiling in the fridge. o(:o)

Fucking agreed. Totally.

Thanks! I know I am probably mostly preaching to the choir here, but I do feel better after having written it all down.

Hee. Lots of words! o(:o)

I cant read this!!!! Your words are making me sick!

Seriously...the white text on black background is makin my eyes cross!

*hilights it all*

Ahh..thats better :)

*snickers* Silly.

*pokes yer belly*

Whew! I pass the test! I can still be your friend! :D

Seriously, I always try to avoid certain hot topics like politics, religion... some people simply lack common sense and there's no way they can be thought to think for themselves.

I meant taught, not thought, sorry it's late, going to bed now.

Normally, I do, too. But our nation is being hijacked by backwards-thinking ignorance, and it is extremely disconcerting to me. Basically, what I am saying is that anyone who agrees with the statements I listed here really has nothing of merit to say to me, and I am sure they would feel the same way.

Be careful. Even the stupidest of them might still have hidden qualities. There's an artist on FA that I won't name that doesn't have basic grammar skills and no netiquette whatsoever, yet draws much better than I ever will.

But as far as saying something of merit, that's another story of course! ;-)

Who is OBAMA? 8D
*thrown with a shoe*

Ouch XD

An excellent list! And, sadly, a very accurate one.

Thank you! It took me over three hours to compile. I am pretty sure everyone has an internal list of criteria regarding people they can be comfortable around; I am just loudmouthed enough to say mine out loud. o(:o)

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