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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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Simply Unbelievable
Lovely to see the politics of right-wing righteous indignation and unfettered hatred are in full flower. It's also interesting to watch John McCain try to stop the momentum of the freight train of hate he and his running mate set in motion.

1) In a rally in Clearwater, Florida, after Sarah Palin mentioned for the ten millionth time that Barack Obama was "palling around with terrorists," an enlightened member of her crowd yelled out, "Kill him!" No reaction from the stage at all; Palin just smiled and kept spewing her vicious lies--lies that have been debunked and proven false time and time again.

2) Repeated shouts of "traitor," "terrorist" and "off with his head" have erupted in McCain and Palin rallies across the country over the last few weeks, again with little or no reaction from the candidates themselves.

3) In Lakeville, Minnesota yesterday, when another brilliant McCain supporter claimed that she had "read about" Obama and that he was "an Arab," McCain actually took the high road and disputed the claim, and for his supporters to remember that he (Obama) was a decent person who simply disagreed with his ideals and ideas. He was loudly booed. Classy.

4) Contrast that with McCain's reaction to a statement made by a member of his rally mob on Thursday, just the day before. When this person expressed their concern over "socialists taking over the country," McCain agreed, stating, "I think I got the message. The gentleman is right," and proceeded to rag on Obama and the Democratic Congress.

The McCain/Palin campaign is fueling the rampant hatred of some of its supporters; I readily realize that the bigoted and uninformed freaks getting coverage at these rallies do not represent the entire conservative movement...but they do represent the overall tone of the campaign. McCain can try to defuse the hatred by being Mr. Nice Guy once in a while, but there has been too much hateful and false rhetoric from both McCain and Palin to stop it now.

The next few weeks--as McCain's numbers hold steady or slip even further--are going to be increasingly ugly. And my fear is, not only through the rest of the campaign, but during the almost undeniable certainty of Obama's election to the Presidency, is that it only takes one right-wing nut with a gun...and all those rabid low-information voters will actually applaud the death of what they perceive as a Socialist Muslim terrorist. It doesn't matter that none of it is true; it only matters that they believe it is, thanks very much to Mr. McCain, Ms. Palin and their right wing noise machine.

To be fair, one may ask, hasn't the Obama campaign been negative? Perhaps to a degree. But I have heard no coverage of anyone at either Obama or Biden's rallies supporting the assassination of their rivals.

What a putrid and horrifying tone the GOP has taken on. I am just stunned.

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GOP...the next KKK!

This is really sickening.

As the chances for a McCain presidency slip away at an alarming rate, you're going to see more of this kind of behavior. Being angry or frustrated about the other candidate is one thing, but things like people screaming out "kill him"....wow. Just...wow.

Well... He's black, and has a middle name, "Hussein" so he's definitely a threat to all society :P Props to the uneducated righty republicans for putting two and two together.

I fear it's a matter of WHEN will an assassination occur then if.. :(

I found a local book titled "Please don't kill Obama".

Man, I dunno some campaign could be just that mean///

If there'd been anywhere near that sort of talk at any of the Obama events, you can bet your sweet ass it would have been all over the news.

Even more horrifying when you see it under your own roof every day. When it's the majority of what I see, I start to become afraid that it's the dominant mindset. Fortunately I know better.
Though I do genuinely fear that these (literally) psychotics will be rising up to actually follow through with assassination attempts if Obama is elected.

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