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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Wow. I have been in kind of a euphoric, sleepy stupor all day today. Though my head is still spinning, I wanted to sum things up in a few thoughts:

First off, check out this lovely reaction from a right-wing psycho:


The Secret Service will have to be more vigilant than ever. Mandate or not, this victory pissed off a lot of closed-minded hicks who would rather shoot than think.

McCain's speech was a class act. The crowd receiving it was not.

Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Virginia, all Bush states in 2004, came to their senses. And Indiana. Freaking Indiana. I never thought I would see that state turn blue in my lifetime.

Prop Hate is already being fought, and it should be, relentlessly, until permanently repealed. Legislation of homophobic hate should not occur anywhere.

The honeymoon, out of necessity, will be extremely brief. Obama needs to assemble a transition team and cabinet as soon as possible to prepare to clean up Dubya's unprecedented mess come January 20th. As I heard it so aptly put, "Barack Obama has not yet hit a home run; he has simply earned the right to step up to the plate."

Finally, I remember back in 2000 when Dubya promised the nation "Compassionate Conservatism." This, the first lie of thousands, was followed by eight years of marginalization of anyone who wasn't rich, white, Evangelical Christian, male and heterosexual. Though I share Barack Obama's vision of a united populace, it's gonna take me a while to cozy up to folks who so actively insisted I was less of an American--or a human being--because I didn't march to their flawed tune for eight years.

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It was a biter sweet victory. Obama won, but all the anti-gay legislation passed. I hope the country continues the path of hope and not fear - equality and not bigotry.

And VERY disappointingly as I see here, 75% of black women, and 70% of african-americans overall voted for. That's just so very very wrong.

I agree it was depressing to see the Prop 8 pass - and trust me, it was worse here than it SEEMED, the commercials were really insulting, and it appears there were some efforts to rally minorities against gays.

One thing I would keep in mind is a lot of the bigots aren't automatic - they're the kind of people that need someone or someones to get them wound up. Passive bigotry as it were. Judging by some of the reaction I'm seeing, some of the winder-uppers are really confused and directionless now.

Forgot North Carolina and its 15 EVs

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