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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I have GOT to see this movie
I can't be the only one out there who thinks this guy is incredibly sexy:

Murr! Now if only he was ten or fifteen stories taller. o(:o)

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You're not the only one. ^^

Hee! I was pretty sure I wouldn't be. o(:o)

Had a couple friends see it last night. They're having a hard time deciding which is the funniest animated comedy of the year... THIS or Kung Fu Panda.

I'm sold on that aspect alone. :D

Having not yet seen either movie, I would have to lean toward Bolt, myself. I find the character design more appealing, and there is the whole canine factor going on, too--I like bears and such, but I luuuuuuuuuuvs me some dawgs. o(:o)

*prepares the growth ray*

Can anyone answer me if he's an adult or a puppy? I really have no idea o.o
Anywho, I want to see this movie so much :D

He's seems to be a young adult white Alsatian who never got out much ("What do dogs do?"). His voice is too old to be a child, but I suppose there could be a younger voice in international versions. All the characters in the movie have exaggerated cartoon proportions like in The Incredibles.
Must see! ;)

Yeah...didn't do it for me, honestly. Doesn't really even look like him.

For being a 'pup', yes. Imagine if he were older.

Pretty sure he's an adult. See adult and pup pic comparisons in my response up above.

I am SO. FUCKING. SICK of seeing Bolt porn. DX

I really haven't seen that much; but then I tend to avoid Rule 34 stuff as much as I am able.

Yes, I LOVE Bolt, and I will definitely be purchasing it when it hits DVD. Hopefully I'll have my Blu-Ray player by then.

It was SO GOOD, though. Travolta did SO good with him. <3 They animated it so beautifully.

Even Miley Cyrus did great.

Even without having seen it yet, I definitely have Bolt among the DVDs I want to add to my collection the second it comes out.

If it's good enough, I might even be able to forgive John Travolta for Battlefield Earth.


AGREED. I went straight home and started checking out adoption shelters.

Hee! Gonna adopt a White American Shepherd puppy?

Gonna name him Colt? o(:o)

Just saw it tonight (3d showing).

Like the ad says, it's fully awesome.

*tailwags* I am so psyched for this movie!

I may not be able to get to it until this coming weekend, but I </i>will</i> see it, and soon!

Fully awesome and sexy...murrr...

*drools a little*

Edited at 2008-11-23 03:54 pm (UTC)

I think he is...Thought so the moment I saw him...XD

Needs to be bigger you say?

(3 second clip I cut)

Use your imagination, and insert your own little buildings. :) Stomp stomp!

I cut a 1080p version of the same clip too, just change the 480 in the URL to 1080 (REALLY huge 1920x1080 resolution video).

ANYWAY, I saw the movie in digital 3D on Sunday night. I loved it, and will definitely be getting it on DVD.

*paints a lightning bolt on his side* Hey, I has a Bolt costume :D

Murr...for as brief as that clip is, it is very hot! *pants a little*

Hee...if you were cast as Bolt, I have a feeling that superbarking wouldn't be your superpower. o(:o)

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