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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Bolt Review (no spoilers)
Well, went out and saw Bolt yesterday with several friends. I don't generally like to go to a movie with heightened expectations, because I almost always wind up being disappointed. However, the trailers and the examples of character design for this movie lifted my expectations nonetheless.

I am happy to report that in this case I was not disappointed.

Bolt is a thoroughly enjoyable movie; a cute, simple story that is very well-told. Luckily, it doesn't suffer from OMG-we-have-big-stars-doing-voices-for-our-movie syndrome; it really didn't cross my mind while viewing it that Travolta or Baby Achy Breaky were the main vocal talents.

As a former film major, I can spot a director's intent to emotionally manipulate their audience from a mile away. When it is done shamelessly, like in E.T, it frankly turns my stomach. However, when it is done well--even if I see it coming--I can respect that. And Bolt does it well, offering up a couple of tear-jerking scenes that defy even the most cynical at heart. Without giving anything away, there is a "prop" introduced in the very first scene of the film that plays a major part in one of the heartbreaking scenes later on. Like I said before, I saw it coming, but they still got me, dammit! This effect was compounded by my being a dog lover, too; this film was definitely produced by folks who love dogs.

The pacing is perfect, the humor has something to appeal to everyone in the audience, and it is overall a very good time that is well worth the price of admission. I strongly recommend it; this movie will definitely be added to my DVD collection when it comes out.

One final afterthought: Since the lead character is played by John Travolta, and the character spends quite a bit of his life in a Truman Show-like existence of make-believe, I humbly offer up this alternate title:

Pup Fiction. o(:o)

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Pup Fiction

Congratulations. You win the internet for today.


Though I doubt "Bolt" had even one instance of the F-word.

Edited at 2008-11-30 08:28 pm (UTC)

Too true. And the scenes where Bolt accidentally shoots a man in the face, and where he tries to revive Penny by plunging a syringe full of adrenalin into her chest had to be cut because they would have made the movie's running time too long.

"Pup Fiction." *winces*

Wolfy, you ought to be ashamed. However, since you won't be, let me just inform you that if the lead character had been a horse instead of a dog they could have called it....

"Welcome Back, Trotter." :P

...or if he was a puppy throughout the entire film, it could have been Look Who's Barking.


Okay, just one more:

How about Battlefield Arf?

Ahem. Let's not forget the werebunny that only transform on the weekends: Saturday Night Lepus

Arrrgh! This thread is getting travolting!

By the by, if you're thinking of the same prop as I am, there's a connection to it and a certain internet broadcast...

*tilts head* Aroo?

Was there supposed to be a link here?

Nope. Would you like one? =};-3

Um, I guess not. I think there is a reference here that I completely missed.

Ahhhh....now I see. *nodnods*

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