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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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2008 in review and on to 2009
My 2008 in review, briefly:

Had a brief scare and overnight hospital visit brought on by sharp chest pains. Nothing significant was found, luckily; it was probably due to stress brought on by my psychotic supervisor at my job at UT.

Was railroaded out the door at UT, which was nothing I hadn't seen coming. Thorough and intense job search ensues, and I ultimately applied for over 1,200 job postings.

Scattered resumes to the wind, job interview after job interview.

Landed a decent job at an internet startup company. I'm still there, despite numerous corporate setbacks and layoffs.

Joined the UFO Club at the Flying Saucer, where you get specials and eventually a plaque, depending on how many different beers you try. My current count: 42. Plaque is earned at 200. This could take a while.

Helped ipequey move from his apartment. Dude has more music and movies than the Library of Congress.

Went to my tenth consecutive Anthrocon. This has become my only real vacation during the year, and it is always a pleasure--even though this year I took home a particularly nasty case of bronchitis that took a few months to totally get over.

July, August, September
Nothing of note, really. Too friggin' hot.

Prepared for the coming election, remaining cautiously optimistic but nervous. Voted early.

Was delighted with the election outcome, with the notable exception of Prop 8 passing in California.

Went on my first ghost hunt with SGPI at Fort McKavett. Despite extremely cold conditions, I had a blast. This was one of the happiest highlights of my year.

Fell in love with a fictional character with magical powers who has a lightning bolt mark on his body, and whose best friend is a red-headed teenage girl. And it wasn't Harry Potter.

I'm not quite sure what to put here; I am not one to make New Year's resolutions. I will definitely be at Anthrocon this year. I am hoping to arrange for a little more time off from my current job so I can do a little more traveling. Depending on the economy and job market, I may do some hunting around for better employment; the current climate of almost perpetual layoffs is taxing, to say the least. Then there is the ever-elusive and fading possibility of finding a life mate--but I have learned not to make this a high priority.

Ultimately, I hope for myself and for all my friends a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

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(Deleted comment)
1. Actually, we kinda did! Our team got a vocalization on digital recorder (not a true EVP, since the members of our team doing the recording actually heard it while recording), and another team got a true EVP--a pretty lengthy one, with clear, whispering voices.

2. Although I do love Freakazoid, I was referring to Bolt. o(:o)

Walking into the New Year with a positive outlook, and things are sure to be good.

Hehe, I am pretty sure the whole country was nervous in October.


Ah, have no fear with the lifemate, good friends are just as good.

Happy New Year! May it be agood year for yah and for me too =3

SGPI stands for San Gabriel Paranormal Investigators, a paranormal research team in central Texas that I became a member of in 2008.

You should have mentioned the 5000 inflatable toys that had to be moved as well ;)

I wasn't really sure if it was my place to mention that, so I thought I should leave that detail out.

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