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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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First of the year doldrums, new TV
This is the time of year when I come down from the frantic insanity of the holidays and see five months of no vacation time staring me in the face, just work work work and more work, basically, until Memorial Day. This is invariably the drab time of the year for me.

Anyway, not much to report since the first of the year except the following:

I did some research over the last month or so, knowing that the digital TV deadline is coming up on February 17. I have a decent analog TV, which I have had nearly four years, but I found that to upgrade it to digital, with a converter box and antenna (I don't have cable) would be around $200, which is about what I paid for the TV in the first place.

So, I broke down and got a digital-ready LCD HDTV. It's 26"--not huge, but decent enough for an apartment. So now I will be ready for digital, and will have a nice big clear screen to watch the Bolt DVD on when it comes out. o(:o)

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R' save up for a blueray player. Keep in minds they're gettin' much cheaper, $100-200 dependin'. Just sayin' since it'll likely be the last hard media b/f everything goes digital. Although if ya already have dvd, wouldn't hurt waitin' on it. Just puttin' the suggestion out there.

If push comes to shove, I might get one. But from my research in the DVD vs BluRay wars, BluRay is going to wind up the loser, I think.

Glad to hear the new TV is nice! Curious, though...200$ for converter box and antenna...aren't you already using an antenna? Did the guys at the store try to tell you that you needed a new 'digital antenna' or some nonsense like that?

Most of the stations are already broadcasting in digital (come swtichover time, they'll be turning off the old analog channels) and it does look nice to watch the programs broadcast that way!

I knew a converter box would be about $80, and the antenna maybe that amount again. But I have since discovered that my old antenna works just fine with my digital TV.

Oh, well...I was gonna get a new TV one of these days, anyway. o(:o)

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