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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Remember the crushing miliary defeat!
Yesterday, I went down to San Antonio with ipequey, pacerfox and devilwuff, the latter of whom was visiting here from the UK.

Even though I have lived in Austin now for almost four years, I had never until yesterday been down to San Antonio, even though it is less than two hours south of here.

Anyway, we did the ultimate touristy thing you do when in San Antonio: we went and saw the Alamo. I love historical sights--especially ones that are purported to be haunted--and the Alamo was no exception. It was very cool to see where such a famous historical event took place (even though it was a loss for the American side; so many people tend to forget that). Seeing where Davy Crockett carved his name into the window sill during some downtime was cool, too. o(:o) It took quite a bit of imagination to picture what things were like back in 1836, when the big battle happened; at that time, the Alamo was part of a fort that was more or less isolated. Nowadays, of course, the mission looks positively tiny among all the towering downtown buildings surrounding it.

One thing really stuck out for me, though. After touring the mission itself, we wandered the grounds for a while and then checked out the gift shop. The Alamo gift shop was considerably larger than the Alamo itself. I found this a little disturbing.

All in all, though, a very good day!

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You know, you can come down here to South Padre Island. It's beach, sure, but it's MY beach. ;)

While I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to visit here to see things like the Alamo, it really loses it's historical splendor with it's disrepair, gift shop, and the simple fact it's surrounded by 'urban' things.

If you want to get a better feel for the Alamo as it is a complex, take a trip down to Brackettville and see the Alamo village. It's quite a nice replica where many Alamo movies have been filmed. :) http://www.traveltex.com/pg/Activity.aspx?id=48febfc1-ce39-4056-bb12-1beda5ae341b

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