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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Furry Fiesta
After looking back through my old journals, I guess I never mentioned this, and since folks are asking, here goes:

Unfortunately, I will not be attending Furry Fiesta up in Dallas. I would like to have gone, but there are several reasons I won't be able to make it:

1) I am nearly broke right now
1a) I couldn't afford a hotel room/registration/food/art

2) I have no time to take off right now, so would have to leave Friday after 5 and would have to return on Sunday afternoon/early evening

3) I can't justify driving about four hours alone to a city I hate to drive in, especially considering...

4)...at smaller cons, folks tend to disappear in the evenings and form their own little groups. I invariably tend to be the odd man out in situations like that.

I have heard rumors of a carpool forming from Austin to the con, but even with that being available (which at this point seems quite unlikely) I doubt I would be able to make it.

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Yeah, 1 and 1a are hurting us, too :( Hope things stabalize for you.

Trist was suggesting that a consolation gathering be held...not a bad idea. :)

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