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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I took the plunge and created a Facebook account for myself. I set it up basically for family and friends outside the fandom, so its content will be strictly non-furry. So if a) you know my real name and b) I know who the hell you are, please feel free to add me, should the spirit move you. Though I am fairly sure it runs a good chance of being the most boring Facebook page evar.

One one hand, it is kind of cool that I have been able to connect with some folks I haven't talked to in a very long time; on the other hand, I am being friended by some people I barely knew about 25 years ago. In fact, a couple of the people who have added me to their friends list are people I hated in high school, and vice versa. The old adage says age mellows people; we shall see.

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I may have to follow suit.
Facebook is a different crowd- it's like most of the people I know are on LJ... but all the people I knew are on Facebook.

I totally agree. FB is for an ABSOLUTE different crowd. As much as I don't want one. I have one. In my "Real" name. So I know what you mean. I'm getting friended by the oddest people I've not seen in what feels like centurys. And yes, mine is also strictly non-furry as well.

Cool dude, though most likely I won't be adding you myself due to lack of name knowledge ^^: Still I've had a similar experiance with Facebook alot of people I remember from high school and old foes. Just kind of mellow.

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