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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Next Up: "Hillside Hamlet"
But I kid.

I got to see Roadside Romeo over the weekend, and it's quite a good film. The character designs were, for the most part, wonderfully done, although the designs for Chhainu (Charlie Anna's henchman) and Mini the mouse (Minnie Mouse? Get it?) didn't seem to quite gel with the rest of the characters in the film--at least, to me. Chhainu was a little too "toony," and Mini was beyond Bluth-cute; think of Chuck Jones' terminally cute Sniffles the mouse from the late 30s and early 40s, and you get the general idea.

All that aside, though, Romeo is an engaging film, a simple story well-told, and there is little to no "culture shock" between standard American animated fare and the Bollywood flavor of this film. The only thing that struck me was the constant switching between English and Hindi dialogue. I have heard this is standard procedure in Indian filmmaking, but it takes some getting used to.

Though I have read conflicting reports, I have heard this is the first animated feature to come from Bollywood; if so, it makes the movie all that much more impressive. The songs help drive the story, and are nice and catchy--the Chhoo Le Na song is downright hypnotic! Think Jessica Rabbit if she were a dog and lived in Mumbai. o(:o)

Finally, it didn't hurt this film one bit that Romeo is downright sexy. Heh. Gotta add this one to my DVD collection, if/when Disney gets their act together and distributes it in the US.

Y'Angels! The End!

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Guru--the big dumb one with the little goatee with pony beads--is my new animated Anthro crush. I had to break it to Exile gently.

Romeo is really cute for a ball of hair gel. |) Dosen't he look a lot like an adorable Shiba Inu? ...I'm projecting, he's mostly generic dog. The floppy eartips are endearing though. :)

Chance has the soundtrack, I need to beg to borrow that!

Personally it really wasn't my type of movie. I had to quit watching it as I had no subs and going back and forth from english confused my brain. The one good thing I will say is the music was made of win. very nice soundtrack indeed.

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