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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Teabagged *rolls eyes*
So the Limbots all got together and teabagged one another today. Good for them.

Nice to see the far right spontaneously organizing a corporate-funded grassr--er, Astroturf demonstration against having their taxes lowered. Did any of these doofuses even crack open a history book before they put together their little "revolution"? Is this all sour grapes? Are none of them even remotely paying attention to reality?! I know, I know; it was all bankrolled and advertised by Fuck Snooze. 'nuff said.

Also, from the footage I could stomach watching, the GOPpies, with nothing left to lose, have certainly embraced physical harm and/or death threats to the president and anyone with a D after their name, not to mention wild-eyed, open racism and bigotry. One cute example: some dipshit asking Not Joe the Not Plumber what he would ask Obama if he could waterboard him. This is what stands for humor on the right. Fucking hilarious.

None of these people had anything of substance to say, except, "Waaaah! We lost and it isn't fair!" Fuck you, righties. Choke on your bitter pills. None of this would be necessary were it not for the eight-year death march you all exposed this country to.

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And this after all the "love it or leave it!" talk! when we were subject to their whims. I don't see any of them packing up, now do I.

You've raised a very interesting point here: they would have nowhere to go. Whereas you or I could move to Canada, Europe, Australia or a thousand other places and assimilate comfortably, the fundamentalist righties cannot. They are caught in an Orwellian paradox; the only places outside the US that reflect their grossly outdated "morals" and ideologies are Arabic countries and the like--which they pretend to hate, even while they emulate them. They are the American Taliban. o(:oP

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I always paint the far right as essentially stupid people--which, in a functional sense, they really are. But it does take some mental energy--misdirected and perverted mental energy--to use the doublethink these people do.

Problems the right has created, such as the economic disaster, unwed and teenage pregnancies going through the roof (overwhelmingly so in red states), and other social and fiscal bullshit are thrown upon the shoulders of liberals. They are able to self-brainwash and project their failings onto others without batting an eye or employing any real in-depth thought. They are even trying to go back in time and re-write history, blaming the Great Depression on FDR, even though history plants a good share of the blame squarely on (Republican) Hoover.

This is one reason I have such incredible respect for Barack Obama: he is able to take all this abuse and still give a valiant effort to get things done, things that will ultimately benefit the idiots currently hanging him in effigy.

So, hav you heard anything about Rick Perry's suggestion to move Rush Limbaugh to Austin? I just like to hand you these things to make you scream...

Yeah, Governor Goodhair has really been stepping in it lately, what with inviting the porcine hate-show host to move here, and suggesting that Texas secede from the Union--which, contrary to popular lore, it cannot legally do.

But I dismiss anything Perry has to say; after all, he was hand-picked by Dubya to continue the disastrous regime here in Texas. Please read this article for a thorough analysis of their legacy:


Besides that, Ricky is so deep in the closet he is practically in Narnia.

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