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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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AC Dream Weirdness
Okay, every year about this time I start having odd dreams about Anthrocon; it happens every year without fail. Usually they are paranoid delusions about traveling on the wrong weekend, sleeping through most of the con, having odd distractions keeping me from the Dealers' Room, or the hotel having a nearly impossible and labyrinthine check-in process. One particularly psychotic year I dreamed that unclekage was going to marry my sister at the con. o.O

The dream I had the other night was an interesting one. A little back story first: every year, on the Wednesday before the con, I fly up to tchall's place; he lives just a few hours from Pittsburgh, and we drive down to the Westin together. In my dream, in a nutshell, I just could not get there. I bounced all over the country, to locations that were nowhere near where I wanted to be. I faintly recall St. Louis and Los Angeles being somewhere in the mix.

One scene of my dream was particularly disturbing. I was irretrievably lost and standing on the bank of a river. Right on the other side of the river was this towering and somehow horrifying skyline of gigantic buildings looming over me ominously. It was nighttime, and I recall a claustrophobic and creeped-out feeling--a vague sense of feeling surrounded and somewhat threatened. I found a photo that somewhat represents what I saw; in fact, residual memories from my dream give me the shivers when I look at this:

To add to the oddness, I later encountered a small group of three or four furs who were just as lost as I was, but didn't seem all that concerned about it; specifically, I remember cirrus_kitfox being among them. This particular scene took place in Dover, Delaware--I have looked up photos of its skyline, and it is nowhere as intimidating as the one in my dream (the photo I include here, by the way, is of Manhattan). I should add at this point that in real life I occasionally get slight vertigo (or High Anxiety!!!! as Mel Brooks would put it) whenever I am in the downtown area of a large city; being surrounded by super-high buildings has always kind of creeped me out, being a small-town born-and-raised guy.

Anyway, the dream ends with my taking off on a jet to heaven only knows where. Then I woke up.

So what the hell does all that mean?!

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I believe that by getting all of one's anxieties and fears out beforehand, in dreams or in worrying, that when the actual event rolls around, one enjoys it better because none of those terrible things happened... and if something does go wrong, one has already thought of it happening, or something similar, and so one is slightly more prepared to deal with it than a person who didn't expect anything to go wrong in the first place.

It's the pressure valve in your brain releasing subconscious anxiety-steam so your head doesn't 'splode all everywhere! This is a good thing! =D

I tend to be really anal-retentive and ultra-organized almost to a fault whenever I plan anything. So, yeah, I think my brain is cooking up ridiculous worst-case scenarios to help put what really goes on in perspective.

I would guess that going to AC means so much to you, that there's a lot of anxiety involved with the though of even missing it.

I have this recurring dream where I go to a con and when I get there, I realize I've forgotten my fursuit. In the dream, I'm really upset and I wake up all anxious.

AC is my main vacation every year, and I do look forward to it a lot, so your analysis is very astute.

I can relate to the fursuit dream; I used to have dreams where I forgot my sketchbooks and/or art money--and would wake up horrified.

Intresting how many people can remember their dreams - I know I can't! Only thing right now is that AC is looking like a nightmare RL for me .... SP

Freud would say that it represents a sexual attraction to your mother.

That guy had issues. :P

Uh... O.O

Stop reading Freud. It destroys the brains of someone so Jung.

Ouch. Well, I guess I had that one coming. :P

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