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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Dear Num8
Vous êtes un abruti fouto. There. In words you can understand.

For the rest of us, loosely translated, "You are a fucking asshole."

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I'm kinda curious because I didn't pay much attention (if at all) when this was going on...was it not obvious that this was a scam? Because to read the write up on that Furry Drama or whatever site someone linked to, it sounds pretty fucking obvious—no one knew who he was, no history in the fandom, no circle of friends, etc. I mean, warning bells all over the place. But I suppose that that article was written with the benefit of hindsight—so people who paid more attention when this was all going down—was it this obvious at the time?

I wasn't as close to the situation as a lot of others were, but if you say you have terminal cancer, chances are 99% of the time you are not lying. It's a very sentimental and emotional thing to bring up, and that can blind folks toward logic, at least in the short run.

With those emotional blinders on, I don't think too many folks thought he was faking, because decent people don't pull that shit.

Only this guy did.

Can you point me to the link you mention above? Obviously I know much of what happened, I'm just kind of morbidly curious now to see how it all actually finally unraveled in the end.

What's all this, then?

French fur fuckhead who faked having terminal cancer in order to gather sympathy and free international travel:


This pile of garbage has to look up to pond scum. o(:oP

That son of a bitch. I felt so bad for him when I saw him on FPS, almost fucking cried when they played "Thank You For Being A Friend".

Here's hoping he gets a karmic punch in the throat.

You know, I'd never heard of Num8 before this whole bomb dropped. I must be hanging in different circles.
Where was he farming this sympathy, mostly? The fursuit track?

Most of the folks I heard about him from were fursuiters, yes; they took up collections to fly him to the US to be with fellow furs "one last time," since he was supposedly told he would die in the spring. Some folks wrote homages to him; one fur even wrote a song in his honor.

What a bag of crap.

I'm.... terribly amused how it's the Americans, and exclusively the Americans, that are launching the shitstorm H-bomb over this. :D

Oh? Europeans fake cancer all the time? And the first fur's LJ I read this on was German.

It's cuz Europeans are already used to getting raped by their Socialist governments!

I think everyone in the fandom should donate a kick-in-the-balls to this guy. I must have been asleep at the switch...I missed the whole thing until I saw multiple LJ entries about it today. :3

I think it was pretty much breaking news today, or yesterday...so you aren't all that much out of the loop.

What a terrible thing to say!!! How can you speak ill of the dead?

Er...mostly dead.


Deadlike? Pseudo-departed?

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