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Canned II, or the company loves misery
First, my warmest thanks to everyone who wished me well, offered advice, and just sent positive thoughts my way, regarding my being laid off today. It might be a tough haul, but I will bounce back one way or another. I am doing my best not to panic, as that achieves nothing. The resume is updated, polished and ready to rumble.

The company I worked for is down to a total payroll of seven people, including the CEO; four more people were let go immediately after I was. We were already stretched as thin as we could possibly go; there is no way the company can be run adequately with the number of people left. Unless some sort of miracle occurs, the company will more than likely cease to exist by the end of this year. That last part is conjecture on my part, of course, but it looks like the writing is on the wall.

A quick question: is it wrong of me to feel a small sense of relief knowing I was not the only one let go today, even in the wake of four other good people being let go?

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You're welcome and no it's not wrong for ya to feel that way, IMO. I think everyone does feel that way when they are let go and then others are to as it's not just you that was let go.

I think that's perfectly understandable. I mean, when it's just you that gets fired, it tends to set an anxious fellow's mind into a tizzy of self-doubt.
But when the whole department gets the shaft, it's because the company is sick. And thus, no fault of mine.
(Assuming you weren't the one who burned the building down over a stapler.)

Of course it's not wrong to be relieved that you weren't the only one let go. At least that removes any possible doubt that it had anything to do with you personally or your performance.

I'm sorry to hear about that, though. Quite a few of my LJ friends are in the same boat.

hey sorry about the job loss but glad you're getting out there. I know i'm just a random fur but this part time job has worked for me: http://www.butlerhill.com/job/index.html it might work for you in the short run.

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