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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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The search plods on
Just a little update on the job search:

I am plodding along, spending at least three or four hours a day searching for jobs and applying for some of them. I got word today that I have been approved for unemployment, but it may be up to three weeks before I see any of it. Knowing how the job search process works, I don't imagine I will be getting any calls or emails until mid- or late August. It'll happen, but filling the long, boring days until then can be a challenge.

There are decent jobs out there, with decent pay; however, I found a posting on Craig's List that was so insulting and maddening I just had to share it with you all.

It is for an Executive Administrative position, essentially a glorified secretarial job. A four-year degree is required. Five years of prior experience is required. No vacation or benefits until you have been employed there for a full year. Professional dress is required. Some overtime and weekends are required. All this and a "can-do" attitude are prerequisites for this position.

Your salary? Nine fucking dollars an hour. I realize this is a recession, and that right now the upper hand belongs to the employers, but that will change. Do you brain-damaged hiring managers honestly think the poor soul who takes that position will stay there for any period of time if they can help it?!

Heaven help me if I have to lower myself so low as to take a professional position for burger-flipping money. o(:oP

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That is rediculous! 9 fucking dollars for a professional job?! Damn! That must be a joke or a typo. I'd have called them up and asked them if that was right. Keep up the good work at finding a job. I'm hoping and praying for ya. ^^

"I found a posting on Craig's List"

That explained everything that came after it.

Actually, believe it or not, I have found some good postings there; in fact, I found my last job there.

Was this a job of the 'rim' or 'blow' variety? ^.^

Heh...my last job? It was actually a pretty decent one, just at a company that could not keep up with the toilet bowl economy. :P

Serves me right for trying to make a Craigslist joke.

Okay, that beats everything! This wins as the worst job offer I've ever read!

You know, it'd almost be tempting to get an interview for that, go through the motions, and when they ask "well, do you have any questions for us?", lay down the pay scales for Starbucks and McDonalds, and be very deliberate in being unsure as to what decision you should make. =:)

(After all, if they're going to waste people's time, why not return the favor?)

That's pretty wretched! I wonder if they just filled in a lot of buttons.

The really bad ones are the sales positions that clever lurk disguised as normal jobs...

As a *STRONG* suggestion, tho, you might want to join up with me at that employment thang I mentioned in my blog (I was thinkng mostly of you when I post it.) The Grim Statistic is that in this current economy, and more generally, 80% of successful jobs come from networking, and only about 8% come from teh internet, so networking opportunities really help, and the whole "getting out of the house" thing is muy muy helpful, too.

Merf...it looks as though I missed out on the employment thing you had mentioned; sorry about that. o(:oP

I am not sure I believe those networking vs. internet numbers, at least in my own case; I have never ever gotten a job through networking.

In this job climate, tho, you're competing with everyone and their dog...the networking thing is supposed to get you a bit of a leg-up. It's an edge, if not a sure one. But the workshop is every friday. They were hiring Q/A people and coders today, kind of randomly...

Well, I will have to check it out! It never hurts.

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