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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Best job solicitation EVAR
I got one doozy of an employment solicitation in my inbox today:


Saw your resume today sure! Technical jobs all around the world! Write, program, ROCK STAR!!!

If intersted please write reply!

Boy, am I ever intersted! I want to work for someone whose only punctuation marks are commas and exclamation points sure! And who can't spell! ROCK STAR!!!

Seriously, though, I would love to have just one employer get back to me who wasn't a scam artist or an ESL-class reject. o(:oP

In the meantime, I am keeping at it; hopefully something will break sometime soon.

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You, too, can have fun with ESL-class rejects. :)

Okay, that is light-years beyond awesome. If only every spammer and internet crook were to get a dose of that medicine!

LOL! That's funny. X3 Love those type of spam. Heh. Just shows how stupid they are getting. Anyway... I'm still hoping that something will come along for ya soon.

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