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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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H'ray! Happy birfday. :)

Thanks...I hope it will be.

(Deleted comment)
I can't this evening, unfortunately; I have to be at the Workforce Center ultra-early in the morning for a mandatory two-hour meeting. If I don't go, I lose my unemployment benefits. :P

(Deleted comment)
IYEEEEEEEEEEY!!! Happy beeday

*sends BEES to ye*

(Deleted comment)
Yer not far behind, pal. o(:o)

Oh, and thank you!

Thanks, bigwuff! *hugs a toe*

Happy Birthday! *hugs*

Thanks! *rubs yer belly*

Happy birthday, Lou! :)

And to you, fellow 8-26er! o(:o)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it was a lot easier when there was only a couple hundred miles of I-35 separating us, rather than over 2,000.

Thank you for the kind wishes! *hug*

That's a very sad panda :( Happy birthday, sir?

He kinda reflects how I felt last night; it hasn't been the best month for me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! *hug*

Happy Bday! -hands ya a macro sized cake- ^^ Plus that picture is sad and what my bday is like all the time.

*tunnels his way into the huge cake* Thanks! I was just a little blue when I posted that.

Happy Birthday from Canada.

Yes, all of us. :)

We took a vote! (You had a better turnout than the the last three federal elections. n.n)

*waves to everyone in the Great White North* Thanks! o(:o)