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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Hey Kids!
Here's a fun little test to see if your mommy and daddy are retarded!

Are they keeping you home from school today, to keep you safe from the big nasty Socialist Fascist Nazi Negro?

Then congratulations! Your parents are retarded! Don't worry, though; you will be able to run intellectual circles around them by the time you finish the sixth grade.

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I don't understand that either. I'm not a die-hard Obama fan myself, but he IS the leader of our nation, and like any American citizen, no one should be shielded from the right to listen to him speak. This nation is known for our right to speak freely, taking kids away proves that a lot of people simply don't understand the whole point of that right.

It's ridiculous. Obama isn't the Boogeyman. ¬_¬ He's our president! Taking your kid out of school just so they "won't hear the bad man talk" hurts your kids on a common sense level... It tells them that simply not listening to it will make it go away.


Didn't you know?! My Grandma's friend saw the speech was supposed to start with "YOU WILL OBEY OBAMA"

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