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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Where the heck did THIS come from?!
Woke up feeling fine this morning, did my daily clean up ritual, job search online, etc. etc.

Then at about noon, out of nowhere comes a monster headache and generally crappy feeling, which very quickly went downhill from there. I just checked my temperature, and it is 103.7. o.O

I haven't gotten this sick this quickly in years and years. I can only hope this shit goes away as quickly as it came. Bleah.

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Hope you feel better soon. -gives you some chicken soup- ^^ Also this just recently happened to me as well. Sunday night I was fine and then monday moring my throat is instantly sore and I'm instantly stuffed up. Still stuffed up as I type this, but my thraot feels better.

Dagby was feeling bad too. Wonder if something is going about...

I was half-wondering if I didn't pick something up from him, since he was a little run down yesterday...but I think I would have felt something before noon today if that was the case.

just be careful. High fever with headache/bodyache is a sign of the flu.

I know. Exactly what I don't need right now. :P

Mm, does sound flu-ey.. might be worth a quick check, and if appropriate, what (if anything) can usefully be done, other than taking it easy and ensuring good nutrition. Hopefully it'll be gone soon enough. =:P

I hope you feel better soon. I concur, it sounds rather flu-like. Chicken soup and rest are your friend.

Sounds kinda fluey. Like whatever it was I got a EF last year. *shudder*

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