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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Drama llama ding dong, episode 4,126
I have had a couple of people ask me about the recent Tyra Banks episode that supposedly showed a pair of furries describing their sexual kinks in detail and asserting that they represented the fandom as a whole. I have not seen the episode, nor do I have any plans to. From what I have been able to gather, the Tyra Banks show caters to the lowest common denominator--the Jerry Springer-type audience.

Again, a media outlet painted the furry fandom in a fairly ridiculous, if not completely negative, light. Again, furries of all walks of life are chiming in--which they have every right to do. Again, there are facets of the fandom who want it to be marshaled and controlled, to be held up to some nebulous criteria of admittance. Again, amazingly, there are those who are surprised by this chain of events.

I long ago chose to ignore any and all media coverage of the fandom, and it has served me well. Only once in the nine years my web page has been live have I heard from anyone outside the fandom in a negative fashion, and it was from the enraged mother of an underage fur who had my page in his browser history folder...and that was several years ago. When I responded to this woman, calmly and politely, I admitted to her that yes, to use her term, I was a pornographer. I continued on, telling her that I have over the years collected numerous homoerotic images of an anthropomorphic nature, and have no intention to ever stop doing so. I included the URL of the warning page on my site that specifically pointed out that I was required by law to announce that underage viewers should not continue past that point. I informed this woman that I did not know her son, and that she was more than welcome to block my page on his computer. I did not respond to her insane claim that I was a pedophile; I do not respond to batshit crazy non-logic such as that. I never heard back from her.

My point here is that I do enjoy homosexual erotica, and have a page that contains several hundred images of same. I honestly could give a shit less what prudes and puritans both inside and outside the fandom think of my personal sexual tastes. Those who share them are free to peruse my page and to interact with me; those who do not are free to move on. But I am not so stupid or self-centered as to appear on national television and announce that everyone in the furry fandom is just like me. Contrary to some popular opinion, I have never been, nor never shall be, that profoundly dense.

Finally, my non-media approach to the furry fandom helps me enjoy the friendships I have made among its ranks, and to attend conventions and gatherings without hesitation or worry. This stupid shit has happened to the fandom in the past, and I guarantee it will continue to happen. Dumbasses are everywhere, and the less attention we give them, the sooner they will slink back under their rocks. And that applies to furry and everywhere else.

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Here here! Well put Lou!

Thank you! I figured what I had to say would at least do no harm.

So far, I think you're the only one who's taken a sane stance on this. It's not the end of the world, the sky isn't falling, the world isn't going to end, but conversely, for someone to stand up and unfairly represent everyone in the fandom as "people who have fetish sex in animal costumes" on a tabloid television show absolutely reinforces an already warped public perception.


I'm not so sure that I am the only one who has taken a sane stance on this situation; I think those who have said nothing at all about it have done a pretty good job, too. Sometimes the only thing you can do in a situation like this is to sit back and let the flames cool.

The only reason I said anything is because I was specifically asked to by a few folks.

Bravo! I agree with your sentiments, as I have been in the camp that has purposely said nothing about it...because I didn't watch it and I really don't care.

Then I read my favorite commentary on this issue, spoken by the wise, worldly Orzel: http://tastyeagle.livejournal.com/213537.html

Orzel put it considerably better, and in far fewer words, too.

You know, my post went through about four different drafts, all of varying lengths and emotional intensity. I think I finally struck a nice balance...I am glad you liked it!

I totally know what you mean! I did the same with my post on FA, and replies. Hell, I took so long to write one particular reply to someone who was disagreeing, that Chewyfox's journal had been deleted before I hit "reply"! ;-)

I didn't even bother to post anything on FA. Where drama and flame wars are concerned, that place can be a pool of kerosene just waiting for a match.

Heh...yay for my post, or yay that I am a pornographer? o(:o)

Be sure to clean and inspect your pornograph regularly! You can't be a pornographer without a working pornograph! X3

Oh, I clean my pornograph regularly, and make sure it remains in its locked and upright position. o(:o)

Here here. *nods and squeezes ya*

*hugs* Heh...glad you liked it!

*chuckles* Of course, gotta love how your website and your way of telling that woman who you are. ^^

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