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The Nobel Peace Prize
So President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Usually I cheer triumphantly when something occurs to make the heads of ultra-right-wing conservatives explode, but I see that there are even those on the left scratching their heads and wondering if this wasn't a wee bit premature.

What follows is my opinion and personal analysis. I will keep it brief.

I am guessing that the Nobel Committee awarded this honor not so much for any specific achievements, but as a signal. The world view of the United States has gone up considerably in the months since Obama has taken office, and bluntly put, I think the rest of the world, for the most part, is happy to see the United States no longer has a gun-happy, warmongering, all-hat-and-no-cattle cowboy with the intellectual power of a seven-year-old in charge.

Ultimately, I believe it is the Nobel Committee's thank-you note--not only to Barack Obama for being far more intelligent and reasonable than his predecessor, but also to the American people for electing him.

Just my two cents' worth.

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Probably everything you say is accurate. Listening to NPR covering this one and interviewing another Nobel Laureate, a STRONG element here was preemptive: "You have given the world a lot of hope, and done a LOT to advance the copy of world peace...now...make sure you KEEP THOSE PROMISES." It was a prize that was intended both honor significant achievements AND to steer Obama's future course a bit. In that sense, it makes a lot of sense.

I wake up to this? Are they serious? However... yeah, if it puts him under the spot-light to actually live up to those promises. Personally I'm absolutely livid that he hasn't pursued the previous administration on the whole torture issue. I'll be satisfied when I start to read about things like raping children in front of their mothers in the main-stream press!

"You're not Bush, have a gold cookie."

A pity his actual foreign/domestic policy performance to date has been nearly indistinguishable from Bush's.

I agree with the above comment too.

His world view is definitely something the europeans are happy to see, but at this point its just a view, a hope, a promise. I feel Its just way to premature at this point to be giving him awards, especially considering nominations for the Prize were due 11 days after his first day in office.

I see this like giving the Number 1 drafted rookie the MVP for the year before he even plays a game. Yeah he was AMAZING in college, showed tremendous effort, promise and leadership. But he shouldnt be given the MVP until he has delivered results in the pros to back it up.

I don't understand, why was he given this award?

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