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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Virus cluster fuck
If anyone out there can help, I have the bankerfox.a virus on my PC, apparently, and I am getting warning popups every second or so, warning me how colossally fucked my computer is. My computer is damned near unusable.

Help, please.

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Hm, interesting trojan. Of course, the most obvious would be a reformat, but that is the last thing you think of, yes?

This site looks promising, but I would suggest you put it in Safe Mode just in case. Best of luck!

I cannot install that fix...the virus generates popups that won't allow it.

It's not a install, it's a manual purge. Just scroll down.

Guh.... how irritating... :/

Like Meddler stated, a reformat's probably your best weapon. If you're able to backup your irreplaceable files, like photos and videos, I'd suggest doing so, and biting the bullet with a fresh re-install of your OS.

I, myself don't have the patience to deal with nasty viruses, which is why I rely on that method. I rarely ever get them anymore, but they tend to be quite sneaky, especially when I get careless. *chuckle*

Here's hoping things work out in the longrun!

I am more or less fucked, then, since I have no idea how to reformat.

It's actually quite easier than it seems. When you're ready to wipe your HD clean, what you do is make sure you have all your original drivers and CDs for your frequently-used programs (like Photoshop, printer/scanner software, games, etc). Then make sure you have your Windows OS CD as well as the authentication key handy. If you're using XP, it'll be REALLY easy.

Once you have everything you need to reinstall, pop in the Windows OS CD and reboot your computer. It will immediately start reading the disc and will ask you if you wish to boot from the CD or start Windows.

It will give you simple steps to follow, but if for any reason you get confused, you can always cancel and back out of it, just as long as you haven't reformatted the drive yet.

There are some handy tutorials on how to do it yourself, and you'll be surprised how simple it really is. The only drawback is that once it's reformatted, everything you once had will be wiped clean, so try and see if you can salvage any files you definitely don't want to lose before even considering this option.

The only tricky part with the beginning is that you have to get your PC to recognize your network adaptor in order to get online.

Oh yeah, and before you even THINK of assuming your computer's ready, you should only access the net for the OS's service pak updates. Download, install, reboot, repeat... It's a time-consuming process, and you'll be rebooting a lot, but it's the only way to make sure your computer's up-to-date and secure enough to handle basic internet features, without repeating anymore viruses.

If you still feel lost or confused about it, I strongly suggest either calling a friend over who has good PC experience or asking someone at a computer store for advice.

All I can say is that I've been in your shoes before. It's extremely frustrating.

Edited at 2009-11-29 06:18 pm (UTC)

I don't have a Windows OS CD. I got my PC with it preinstalled, with no disk.


Crap.... That only leaves four options really:

1. Troubleshoot the virus issues some more, and see if any solution can be offered.

2. See if anyone you know close by who has an extra copy of Windows available to let you snag...

3. Take it into a computer repair shop (though some places charge an arm and a leg)

4. It might be time to do some computer shopping this holiday season. :/

if you can manage to DL it Malwarebytes is the best for clearing Trojans and the like.. and is completely free.
I don't even run an official antivirus program on my computers anymore.. i just run this every few days to clear anything I may have gotten.


Not sure but you might be able to possibly kill off your virus by using a linux live cd :) .


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