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(no subject)
The source of my PC clusterfuck seems to be a piece of shit called Antivirus System Pro. I know what it is now, I just have no idea how to get rid of it. None of the suggestions online work, or my computer won't let the processes run to clean my system.

I see no other recourse other than getting another computer. Being unemployed and broke and everything will make that ever so fucking easy.

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Either try downloading and running a program called ComboFix: How to use ComboFix, or follow these instructions: Remove Antivirus System Pro. I deal with these on a daily basis at work and ComboFix will usually remove these. If that doesn't work, try renaming the program files to something random and run them again.

Also, Microsoft has a removal utility for that program, if its the one I think it is.

I'd suggest disabling all of your antivirus software, and using Microsoft Security Essentials, located here:


That should take care of the problem.

Other than that - a very quick "Antivirus System Pro" Google search shows multiple results on how to remove the virus manually.

My sister-in-law keeps getting this and insisting that she isn't "looking at Porn" when she gets it. Now that you've got it I'm sure she's looking at porn. ;)
Seriously, Malwarebytes destroys this well, as does spybot believe it or not. I usually run them both, malwarebytes first, then spybot.
Safemode with networking is great and especially for this. Also remember thumbdrives with portable versions of antivirus are useful for this too. There were some entries on lifehacker.com about portable antivirus. I used portableapps.com version of firefox on her laptop to get the new malwarebytes cause it boned her browser.
Hope some of it helps.

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