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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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FN gone forevah!!1one

Furnation took their ball and went home. Isn't that comparable to Coleco threatening to not make computers anymore? o(:o)

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I suddenly don't feel so bad about FAP.

Apples and oranges, really.

You didn't blame the closing of FAP on one of your competitors.

Whaaaaat? I thought they closed for similar reasons: lack of interest and/or funding.

His PayPal account was closed down (due to adult material on the site), and without proof he turned around and blamed it on FA's admins.

Oh, Furry Fandom. I'm home.

I was surprised to learn FN was actually still operating.

Hee! Kinda like finding out Ernest Borgnine is still alive! o(:o)

Yeah, and the way I found THAT out was him complaining after Brokeback Mountain came out and saying that there was no such thing as gay cowboys, and that John Wayne was spinning in his grave.


Isn't it just adorable when washed-up and bitter entertainers say things to try to make themselves relevant again?

See also: Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Rosie O'Donnell....

I've been hearing rumors of their demise for months, now.

Well, in truth they have been circling the drain for years.

but FurPlanet thrives... or I hope so at least or my gay furry superhero novel will be dead!

Furnation was more of an archive, though, as opposed to a sales site.

Hahaha man took long enough. I mostly never got off of their mailing list because the monthly "we're closing donate" emails were gold.

Yeah, it has "closed" a number of times before, so we will see. But without the PayPal $$ coming in, I am guessing it might stay down this time.

I don't know..it's like a bad penny. It might still come back again. I hadn't paid attention to FurNation in years, although I kept hearing about all the drama.

I'm really devestated.

Nope, nevermind, I'm over it now.

Yeah, I am crushed, too. Oh, woe is me, oh boo hoo...

...ooo look! Something shiny!

Oh shi... Bomb's website was hosted there {=0

Bomb's stuff is still being posted to FA periodically, so all is not lost:


Isn't that comparable to Coleco threatening to not make computers anymore?

Hahaha! Priceless!

Heh. I have to admit I felt pretty inspired when I came up with that line. o(:o)

Hmm, those little bits of history along the way. I feel old now.

Me, too! When I joined the fandom back in 1997, Furnation was still relevant; in fact, it was quite popular.

Of course, so were VCL and SCFA/Yerf.

Yeah. The thread on the FA forums was funny to read about this. Though I dunno if FN will be down for good. Have a feeling it'll be back.

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