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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Congratulations to Annise Parker
...and to the voters of the city of Houston, Texas, who have elected an openly gay woman to be their city's mayor. This makes Houston not only the largest city in the United States to carry such a distinction, but it is also the largest city in the world to do so.

After the insulting defeats in California, Maine and New York, this is a welcome victory; especially since it has occurred in such a red state. I can just imagine the heads of right wingers exploding all across the state; it's a good feeling.

Now if only Governor Good Hair, Rick Perry, would come out...but unfortunately his closet is sealed by a four-foot-thick steel-plated bank vault door.

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Result! And thanks for the update too. I heard about this last night but didn't know any outcome then.

Yeah, I got the alert this morning...and her opponent has officially conceded.

You also forgot that Texas banned all marrages on accident. X3 So it's good to see a state that is the cowboy state going going the Brokeback Mountain way. Heh.

I can't wait to see the teabaggers throw a fit over this.

Me too. It's going to be sweet.

have the teabaggers even weighed in on this? They're a pretty fractious bunch and relatively small. Loud yes its true.

No clue, myself. If they have weighed in on this or not.

(Deleted comment)
I suppose you could make the argument with the fliers that were sent around about Dede Scozzafava which called her a "HOMO" in upstate new york as well as robocalls on the subject: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/09/AR2009110903690.html

But that could just as easily been NOM working with them. After all they've been very active in New York ( http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0609/NOM_threatens_GOP_primary_challenges_in_New_York.html ) it is hard to differentiate the groups. I think the tea party people are so diffuse and uncoordinated that they don't really have a lot of cohesive stances out of their general dislike of taxes and "big government"

After doing some research, it looks like they have not yet attacked gays in their oh-so-subtle way, but it is not a huge leap of logic to guess how their neanderthal masses weigh in on the subject.

That is so offensive... to Neanderthals, who were actually reasonably intelligent. :P

I find that "troglodyte" describes that sort of person quite well, instead. :9

All around good news but I disagree with one point:

After the insulting defeats in California, Maine and New York...

Lets keep in mind the defeats were very different levels fo defeat. California actually has an amendment ban in their constitution now. That is a huge deal and legally creates all sorts of trouble on that point. It is difficult the change the amendment once in place, there were couples already married, and there were a host of other troubles.

Maine was essentially a repeal of a law created by the legislature. Since Maine gives the power to the public to repeal any law before it is enacted this was essentially a people's veto. That just means the Legislature can again take up the issue, debate and write a law. Maine's legislature passed this with a veto proof majority which forced the governor's hand (he was against it). But the law itself was never enacted. No couples were married in Maine, again unlike California, because the law had to be reviewed in a public referendum. Which is a standard procedure in Maine. there is also a long history in Maine of in a few years overturning such vetoes and then passing laws without the public again vetoing the measure.

New York is another case again. First of all the Senate there has been, looking back to June, schizophrenic. The leadership had no skill at whipping votes or controlling the caucus. Granted neither did the republicans some of whom did claim they would vote yea on the measure if I recall correctly. Add in a weak Governor who has no ability to force his political will and you get a messy situation. Also the most ardent critic of Marriage was Democrat Ruben Diaz. He was the one leading and railing against it and seeing as this needed to have all 32 Democrats to pass (or some Republican fence sitters but that became less and less likely) this thing was already in an untenable situation. But lets keep in mind that gay marriage in one form or another has now passed the Assembly seven times to overwhelming majorities (the assembly has to vote twice on bills that have waited in the senate too long). This defeat does not mean it won't come back to the senate floor next year. It has come up now almost every year since 2003 in New York's legislature this was just the first time the Senate voted on it (they normally just let it die on the floor). Again this isn't the end in New York and it isn't serious there yet.

I'm looking hard to find the disagreement.

Your able analysis shows in detail that all three of these situations came up and were dealt with in different ways, but they are all still defeats, even if only temporary ones.

If you would prefer the term "setbacks," I am fine with that, as well.

I'd call California a defeat. A defeat to me means a long term harder road and greater difficulty at the end. Maine is more of a draw. The situation can and will be repeated and success is indeed more likely now that we know more of the ground and we ave a better idea of the state. New York is a victory in some ways. Remember they NEVER let it come to debate let alone vote before despite it getting there. Now we at least know where the senators stand and we've taken it there. Next time we know who to pressure more and who to hit in the primaries.

in the case of Maine and New York the momentary loss can be parried into a win later on becuase the ground hasn't changed much. With California the defeat meant the entire geopolitical terrain had changed.

Whoohoo! :)

If he DID come out, there's the smallest chance that he'd want to hang out, so maybe it's for the best. ;)

*chuckles* It's "Scanners" All over again. XD

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