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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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OMFG! Look what happened to my upper left arm!!111one

Yup, I am Tattoo Lou now. I had been mulling over a tattoo of Robin Hood for quite some time, and today, by gum, I went out and did it. The tattoo is a little raw, still, and the colors look a touch off because my skin is a little inflamed, but I couldn't be happier with the way it came out. The pic looks a little distorted due to the curvature of my arm, and....well, try taking a close-up picture of your own left arm sometime! Not that easy.

A million thanks to cirrus_kitfox for designing the original artwork for this tattoo, and to Brandi at Atomic Tattoo here in Austin for her infinite patience and willingness to customize the colors that went into inking it. She and I discovered together that the color for the inside of Robin's ears and the patches around his eyes doesn't occur anywhere in nature; it took mixing six different colors, but she got it exactly right for me.

Oh, and the quote of the year happened at the tattoo shop today. One of the other tattoo artists walked in as we were finishing up, and he said, "Okay, to me that is Robin Hood. Fuck Errol Flynn."


EDIT: Fixed a glaring grammatical error. *blush*

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That looks freakin awesome man. And as we both know Cirrus does kick ass work, so you're gonna love that till the end.

Absolutely! I was a little frightened, having seen some really, REALLY awful tattoos over the years. Having cirrus_kitfox and a well-researched and talented tattoo artist on my side made sure that didn't happen to me. I am very proud of this! o(:o)

That is one fabulous tattoo! I also like the other artist's reaction. :9

Hee! As nervous as I was going into the tattoo shop today as an ink virgin, I am beyond delighted how the day went, and how the tattoo came out. o(:o)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I gave this a lot of thought, and did a ton of research. When I knew I had the right subject matter, the right pose, the right artist for the outline, and the right artist for the actual needle work, then and only then did I go for it.

I think all involved done good. o(:o)

Thanks! I think so, too. o(:o)

That is awesome. The artwork and coloring are excellent!

Yeah, it came out above and beyond my expectations. *tailwags*

Thanks! I am told the colors will be even more solid and vivid once it heals, so I am eagerly awaiting that.

He out-bopped the buzzard and the oriole!

Hee...glad you like!

Now if you got this tattoo, it would measure about 8 x 12 feet. o(:o)

Who gets a Disney tattoo? That's gay. ;)

Looks great! Love the art and the colours. Just keep it lubed and covered for a bit. Although you don't look that red right now.

Hakuna matata de lally fifty bucks? Get outta here...

Good advice there, but usually when I lube something up I don't keep it covered. Hee.

Yeah, Brandi told me that she didn't think the healing process would be too severe for my tattoo; the redness really only shows through the white and the yellow, and not even too badly there.

Glad you like it! I'm pretty attached to it myself. o(:o)

Daw! That is a very sincere fox :)

Sincere and sexay!!!11one11!1!eleven


Awesomeness Lou! I can't do tattoos myself.. I'm terrified about not liking it later.. My tastes change too much too often. I could prolly do my Skyote logo but I'd still be too paranoid to actually get inked.. Henna Tattoos are as close as I'll ever get lol.

I gave this one several months of thought. I figured since I have loved Robin Hood for over 35 years now, that attraction isn't going to go away.

You have to ask yourself, "What will I think when I look at this when I am 70?" I thought about that and was totally cool with it. o(:o)

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