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Watching Paranormal Activity on DVD
No spoilers, I promise.

Those of you who have Paranormal Activity on DVD have one distinct advantage over those who saw it in the theater: you have a choice of which ending to watch.

Supposedly, the theatrical ending was suggested to director Oren Peli by Steven Spielberg himself.

Dear Mr. Spielberg:

Make your own movies and don't meddle with those of others. Your ending sucks.


Seriously. I have watched both versions on the DVD, and the original ending is worlds better than the theatrical one. So do yourself a favor: if and when you rent or buy the DVD of Paranormal Activity, select "View with Alternate Ending." Trust me.

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Fair enough, of course; opinions will always differ. o(:o)

Without giving anything away, though, I just thought the theatrical ending had been done and done and done time and again in videos on YouTube.

I love love love the original ending. It was far more mysterious and unsettling than the hollywood version. The best comparison I can make is that after the original ending, I had trouble sleeping. After the hollywood ending, I had trouble not rage-puking.

Also, if you like Paranormal Activity, try and get your hands on Noroi (the Curse), a J-horror film done in the found-footage style that has LOADS of that same slow-build creepiness.

The original ending makes you think they might be pulling something cheesy like the theatrical ending...but then bam! they surprise you.

I will have to check out Noroi...and I love the term "rage-puking." o(:o)

I HAAAATED the ending in the theater...it felt like they just threw that in there.

so youre telling me I wont be as disappointed in the DVD? :)

Yeah, thank Senor Spielbergo for the theatrical ending.

If you liked the film up to, say, the last three minutes in the theater, you will like it even more when you watch the alternate/original ending on DVD.

It's been my experience/opinion that Spielberg meddling is usually the single best way to bowdlerize a perfectly good movie.

*cough* A.I.! *cough* Though that really wasn't his fault.

I lost a lot of respect for Steve-O when he started fucking around with his own work, such as when he re-did E.T.--not a really strong movie to begin with, IMHO.

But then again, he did rescue Tobe Hooper's ass and made Poltergeist a decent film.

Here, have a picture of a real director! *points to icon*

That's not a director.... that's a cinema deity.

Hee...I knew I liked you for a reason. o(:o)

I personally thought the whole movie sucked.

Ooops Did I spoil it? XP


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