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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Furry Fiesta Update
Turns out my previous post was a false alarm. First, I had guaranteed room space and no ride. Then I was lucky enough to arrange a ride from good folks here in Austin. Now, I am sitting here with the possibility of a ride, but no room space, and extremely tight funds.

As things stand now, going to Furry Fiesta this year would set me back more fiscally than I can comfortably afford, so I am going to be staying home this time around.

Maybe next year.

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D'oh. Sorry to hear that, but kudos on being responsible. :J

I wish I could lay claim to anything so noble. Fact is, I had guaranteed room space yanked out from under me at the last minute, making this trip suddenly out of my reach money-wise. o(:oP

Well the obvious question is... if room space became available again say split between some other people...

Though any such offer would be appreciated, I would have to decline. I have taken a few financial hits lately that make my going to the con an unwise decision right now.

I have also sat back and done some thinking, and at such a small convention with most of the people I know off doing their own things, I would be sitting around with little to nothing to do most of the time. I have very few close friends--fewer by the day here lately, it seems--and I don't seem to make friends all that easily.

Ultimately, it looks like my going to Furry Fiesta would be wasted time and wasted money--the latter of which I just can't afford.

okay that's fair. Just looking to fill a slot. I'm sure we'll find someone. Sorry if that came off as creepy.

Though I plan to hang out in the corral playing games in between trying to sell my book.

but yeah save your money makes sense *long distance hugs*

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