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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Please help a stupid old wolf, if you can.
I am writing today to humbly plead for help from anyone who can.

Times have been tough for everyone, and I do not mean to trivialize that. But the fact is I have taken several financial hits lately, and am left in a vulnerable position. In the past month alone:

I have been laid off from my job, the second time in seven months;

I have had to pay two large tax bills, both due to filing errors made by former employers;

I have had a major car repair, which is necessary if I am to seek and keep employment.

Normally, I can absorb a reasonable amount of financial hardship and still bounce back. I am aggressively seeking work, and will do so until I am employed again. I am also exploring other methods of generating cash; however, I still find myself coming up short. Since late last July, I have only been employed two months, despite a job search in which I have applied for over 500 positions. Unemployment payments are no longer an option, and I am almost at absolute zero financially.

I am determined this will be the first and last time I am ever forced to do anything like this; I am only writing this now that I am 100% sure I cannot move forward without assistance. I want it to be perfectly clear my need is legitimate and I have exhausted all other resources available to me.

If any of you out there can find it in your heart—and within your financial ability—to help me, it would make a vital difference.

Some of you have been burned by con artists. Their outrageous and false claims have been despicable, preying on the good natures of others. Whatever your personal opinion of me may be, I do not have a history of doing such horrible things—nor shall I ever. I also want to assure everyone that not one cent of your donations will be going to frivolous expenditures; I am asking for help with basic survival needs, such as rent and essential bills.

If you are currently in tight financial straits, please do not worsen your own situation by donating; I am only asking help from those who are currently comfortable enough to do so. I realize how it is when you want to help but cannot; to those folks, your well-wishes and kind thoughts are just as greatly appreciated.

For those who can contribute, my PayPal email address is cashew at macrophile dot com. If you do not have PayPal available, but would still like to help, please contact me at the same email address, and we can work something out.

My heartfelt thanks in advance to everyone who can help, even if all you can spare right now is a kind word.


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*hugs* Here's hoping you'll finally land a new job, and a good one, soon. You're a hard working and a smart guy.

My financial situation is tight as well, I'm sorry to say, but you are in my thoughts and good wishes. Soon as I can, I'll do something to help.



Thank you, foxy, for both your kind words and your offer of help. Like I said, I don't want anyone who is already stretched thin to make their situation worse by contributing; I honestly couldn't abide that.

*hugs tightly*
I'm really sorry to hear it man, I hope things start picking up for you before long! It definitely sounds like you could use some better luck about now. :/

I wish I could lend a hand but unfortunately I'm struggling through money worries at the moment as well.

I'm sure there'll be some people willing to help out a friendly lil Canuck wolf though! :)

Good luck with it all man, and take care!

It may sound trite, but I do appreciate your kind words just as much as anything else. And that goes for everyone who is wishing me well.

Thank you very much for the kind thoughts; it can only go upward from here, right? o(:o)

My condolences as I am in a similar predicament, no better off for having gone to college. Where the situation better I could do more than some kind words. Every cent I currently have belongs to my current commissioners, and isn't mine till the work is completed. I cannot even claim that.

I may not be able to send financial help, but I have given what little time and attention I can to people who have it rough. It's the only thing I can give, though it won't help with the immediate problem.

Unfortunately the only advice I was given, is this "It will get worse before it gets better." And that in itself is a terrible way to comfort or approach the situation.

Hey, as I have said, kind words help, too--and I really do appreciate yours.

They do say it is darkest before the dawn. I am earnestly hoping that means the sun is about to come up for me, metaphorically. And I hope it does for you, too--and soon.

Buh :( I know how it feels to be broke, man. *big hugs on*

Aww man...I'm very sorry to hear bro. *offers a huge hug*

My financial hardship is also very damaged as well. I blame this economy atm. I'm truly sorry I can't help you, Lou. But I hope the best for ya and I hope you're able to find a job asap.

Do take care, Lou. I'll be hoping for ya.

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