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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Thank you, Arizona
mckavett tree
...for briefly making Texas only the second-most backward, bigoted and stupid state in the union.

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The folks in the legislature here have been reading the latest Dr. Seuss book: "Oh, The Laws You'll Write!"

Though on the flip side, it's harder to argue the case to help illegal immigrants when they're marching through the streets with MEXICAN flags leading the way. I mean, jeez, if you're gonna make claims that you love the U.S. and want to become citizens, at least have the decency to carry OUR flag in your demonstrations! Otherwise, people might think that you're being, well, disingenuous!


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What I think is going to happen is the AZ police are going to pull over what they consider a fair quota of "non-brown" people, so they can tell the rest of the country they aren't doing racial profiling...even though, um, the law tells them to.

(Deleted comment)
That could very well happen, since major police organizations in both Arizona and countrywide have come out against the legislation.


Not that it will stop them, but the right-wing has little to no ground to stand on anymore when they call Obama a "Nazi." Of course, they didn't before this happened, either.

Well, one could argue that waving Irish flags on parades on March 17 would be the same thing. Of course, this country never really went after the Irish...


...uh, nevermind.

And to be fair, I have seen marchers/protesters carrying both US and Mexican flags.

It's a touchy issue, but all I can be sure of is Arizona's momentary solution is not the right one. o(:oP

I'm not sure I agree it's the same, but I agree the legislation isn't the right answer.


Yeah, fair enough. I wrote that post in kind of a drowsy state and after having watched Gangs of New York. o(:o)

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