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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I think I just created the most insane movie meme ever. o.O
Okay, I just may be a little crazy, but just for a lark I undertook a somewhat creative endeavor overnight that turned out kinda cool, if I must say so myself.

It had been a while since I cataloged my DVD collection, and I like to keep it up-to-date, if for nothing more than insurance purposes. Well, while doing so last night, a weird spark of inspiration hit me--and I actually carried it out to full fruition.

Wouldn't it be cool, I thought to myself, if I did a screen capture of the title credits of every single feature film I have on DVD? Sure, I responded, going along for the ride of my own insanity. And by golly, I did it! I started plopping each movie, one by one, into the DVD tray of my computer, and 86 films later, I created a nice poster out of it all.

The humongous poster, and my process and some stats, after a cut.

Click on the image for full resolution; it looks cooler that way.

First, I had to decide on a good, standard size for each title grab. After a little trial and error, I found 400 pixels wide by 160 pixels tall did the trick; any smaller than that, and the captures with smaller type (like Fargo and Capote) would be unreadable. I had to fudge a few of the captures around, since the aspect ratios between 1940 and now are all over the map--but I think I did a decent job of it. I had no idea going in what the finished composite of all the screen captures put together would look like, but much to my surprise the completed image came out to 2400 pixels on each side! Pure chance, of course; it kinda blew me away.

Overall, for the record, from start to finish it took me just over ten hours to get all the title captures and compile them into one image in Photoshop.

I learned as I went along that some filmmakers really like to mess around with their credits; here are some examples:

* I only had to fake one of the captures; it turns out Paranormal Activity doesn't really have a title frame at all. So I went to some promotional materials online and faked that one...but one out of 86 ain't bad.

* Some movies, like Lilo and Stitch and The Departed, don't give you the title credit until a few scenes of the film have already taken place. Then there are films like Gangs of New York and Hot Fuzz, which don't give you the titles until the end of the film.

* A couple of the titles were a real pain in the ass to capture. For The Secret of NIMH, for example, the credits are formed by flame, and you really only get the title clearly for a few seconds before it flares up and becomes unreadable. The Twister title is all debris and crap blowing around; I just waited for all that to clear and snagged the letters left behind.

* As much as I love the film, the Casino opening credits still give me a migraine.

I guess for someone who was a film major in college, I don't have a whole ton of movies. I am sort of selective, and the movies I do add to my permanent collection I watch over and over again. Looking at my entire collection at a glance now, I wonder what my taste in movies says about me. Perhaps a couple statistics?

* 18 of the films are animated, or animation-focused; I am including Who Framed Roger Rabbit in this count. So 20.9% of my collection is cartoons. o(:o)

* 12.8% of my collection is Scorsese! (That's 11 films.)

* Speaking of 11 films, that's how many I have that are in black-and-white (I am counting Raging Bull here, because only one short sequence is in color--and that is faded out.)

* Only nine of the films in my collection were released before I was born; 89.5% of my collection was shot or drawn during my lifetime.

* Robert DeNiro actually appears three times in the title grabs on my poster. See if you can find all three of Bobby D (hint: one of them is not a Scorsese film).

I am sure there are a billion ways to break this down, but I am wiped out and am going to get some much-needed rest. I would love to hear any comments or feedback, other than the obvious: that I was probably crazy to do all this in the first place. o(:o)

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Alas, no Scorsese cartoons. ;)

Quite an image!

One zany thought I had once was stripping out the trailers that they like to put in the 'special features' of a disc and making a DVD with all of the trailers for just your own collection on it. I'm not sure what it would be GOOD for, but it'd be neat!

Actually, there was a Scorsese cartoon, kinda. He did the voice of a puffer fish named Sykes in the 2004 Dreamworks feature A Shark's Tale. DeNiro's in it, too, so I think that had something to do with it. I never saw the film, because the character design looked kind of...off to me. Though putting Scorsese's face-eating eyebrows on a puffer fish was kinda cute. o(:o)

As for customizing your own movie collection trailers onto your DVDs, that sounds like a clever idea! Though if I had my druthers I would have previews removed entirely. Disney DVDs are the worst; they pimp so much product on their films that it could potentially take you about 45 minutes to even get to the menu for the feature you wanted to see! All that clicking and skipping just to get to the film you have already purchased. And on a couple of their older DVDs, you can't skip the trailers and coming attractions at all. o(:oP

I wonder if anyone would like to do that with my DVD collection...

...warning, it's more than 300.... :D

I would love to! I had fun doing mine.

All I would need would be round-trip tickets to Germany and a week's time. o(:o)

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