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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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One of those "Why do I even bother?" days
American politics, as fucked up as they are, sometimes can't hold a candle to furry drama and politics; this past 24 hours has been a prime example of this.

Ultimately, I guess it's my own damned fault for daring to have an opinion. And further my fault for expressing it publicly.

Even though I am way out on the periphery of a certain issue, I have never in over twelve years in the fandom faced such a shitstorm as I did today, after I spoke my mind. Between IMs, messages on mucks, journal posts and emails, I have heard from all the metro and outlying counties of the furry community. And none of them are happy with me, it seems.

The worst of it all has been the sheer inconsistency of the comments I have received; if I had said something clearly wrong and had been called out on it, I could have said, "Hey, my bad," and just moved on from there. I am wise enough to learn from my mistakes, and to not make them again if at all possible. But today, the perfect storm hit, and I got intense and often scathing personal comments from both sides--the majority of which came from people I have never even heard of. If things were this bad for me, I can't even imagine how they were for those at the heart of this issue.

Where am I going with this? I don't know; it isn't like I haven't been around the block a few times when it comes to things furry. All the same, the last day has left a sickening sensation in my stomach.

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That's why sometimes it's best not to get into furry drama. Just sit back, eat some popcorn and laugh. Cause that's what I do most of the times as it's just not worth getting involved in it.

I know that now. Lesson learned.

I don't even pay attention to "the fandom" these days. I'm 42, going on 43 and yet "the fandom" always manages to sink back to the maturity level of 8th graders.

Go furry fandom!

(Excluding the members of the fandom that *are* in 8th grade, who actually have an excuse to carry on like that)

Stupidly, I tried to evaluate both sides of the situation, and very carefully tried to play devil's advocate both ways. Big mistake.

Time to duck back into my cave and return to socializing with the furs I already know. You know, years ago, a furry artist I know had a shirt that said, "Fuck Off. I have enough friends." I remember being shocked at the sentiment at the time...but now, I certainly see its merits.

I guess I should be glad to have no idea what you're walking about!

*wags brainlessly* :)

A brief synopsis lurks down below. But yeah; in this case, ignorance is probably bliss.

Believe me it's not just the furry fandom. It's any fandom really..

I've managed to exile myself from every Browncoat community in existence for having an opinion. I was even personally attacked by a so called "Friend" who, while she was in a fucking coma because her step mother had beaten the shit out of her, I defended on the forums when she was accused of having Munchausen(sic) Syndrome and just trying to get pity or some bullshit. She attacked me for having an opinion that differed from hers.

Then again I didn't appreciate the girls on those forums treating people like meat. Comments like "Is it wrong that I want to rape you but in a good way?" posted on a Celebrity's myspace page is not behavior that I want to be associated with..

I can't remember where I heard this quote, but it is a good one:

Opinions are often best expressed like screams of rage: into a thick pillow in the dark of night.

You have aroused my feline curiosity, you know. I hope you appreciate the effort it takes to stifle that.

And I'm inclined to agree with Xydexx here, FWIW.

Okay, in a nutshell:

Kage had posted a request for donations to fly 2 to EF this fall. In and of itself, I saw nothing wrong with that; it was a friend asking a favor for a friend.

But then Kage made an ill-advised comment to a comment. In it, he implied that 2's contributions to the fandom were more significant than others. More visible? Sure. More important? Perhaps not so much.

So, when I made a statement of support with a caveat, arrows flew from both camps. End of story.

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Classy. I am SO glad this post became a fucking dick-swinging contest.

For the record, my apologies for the thread derail.

I'm glad I missed all this. Sorry you got slammed.

Eh. Ultimately nothing was lost or gained. Moving on.

Okay, about a minute after I originally expressed my curiosity, it occurred to me that this probably had something to do with Kage's latest open appeal, which I'd read earlier. I don't really have a dog in that fight, (much less a gryphon,) so the relevancy of it passed through me like water through a sieve.

I sincerely regret helping spark the whole issue up anew, but look at the bright side- at least SimbaB is out of your friend's list now!

Cuz that guy is half a bag of butt biscuits. :D

Yeah, there is a silver lining.

It's a pattern he has exhibited before: if, on any given issue, someone dares to disagree with him, spirited debate is defenestrated and he goes from zero to douche in .04 seconds. Well, today, ol' Butt Biscuit picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue, and I gave him both barrels.

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