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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Life in da hood
Some pretty heavy shit went down right next door to me last night.

Probably TL:DR, so I will insert a cut.

First, some background. The neighbors directly next door to me moved in around April or May of this year. The woman, who I almost never see, is white and very quiet; she seems nice enough, but is rarely there. From what she told me, she is in the nursing field and works very odd hours.

Her boyfriend, though, is a piece of work; this guy seems to go out of his way to perpetuate every negative stereotype he possibly can. He is African-American, and his arms are covered in tattoos that glorify both religion and thuggery, with several crosses and handguns visible. He drives a Lexus, and wears a watch with a face that has to be at least three inches across, encircled by diamonds. His teeth are adorned with very nasty-looking gold and silver grills. He has bragged about his criminal record to me before, telling me he has "seven felonies to my name, but the motherfuckers still can't keep me down." He constantly wears a holster for his beloved 9 millimeter; I have never seen the gun itself, but he has mentioned it in conversation, and I am pretty sure a seven-time felon with a firearm is fairly illegal. The scent of pot emanates from his apartment whenever he is home, and he and his friends have had the police called on them a number of times for noise violations (and no, not by me; I tend to mind my own business). His pet is a large pit bull dog, and it barks all the time when he is not home.

Since his apartment door is right next to mine, I can't help but hear what goes on over there when I am home. They are, indeed, very noisy--but I can drown that out fairly easily. However, between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM he has anywhere from 20 to 50 "visitors" a night--and this goes on every night. They arrive in cars and by foot, and they never stay any longer than 10 to 15 minutes. A month or so ago, I had some other neighbors approach me to sign a petition/report that was presented to the Austin Police Department and the apartment complex management that there were very strong suspicions of drug-related activity going on in and near his apartment. One of my neighbors is a single mother with two grade school-aged children, and she is both incensed and terrified by the situation. Another of my neighbors was so bold as to take photos of people coming and going, and to take down license plate numbers of visiting vehicles.

Anyway, last night, something next door came to a head.

At about 8:30, I was relaxing and watching a movie, and there was a huge thump against the shared wall between my apartment and theirs. This in and of itself was not all that unusual, so I did my best to ignore it. Moments later, though, there were several more thumps, and screaming--not just an argument, but outright screaming. The front door to their apartment slammed open and I saw (through my peephole) him being dragged out by a few of his friends. An intense argument ensued right outside my door, where his friends told him, "the bitch isn't worth it," and his screaming, "I don't care!" repeatedly.

She was still inside the apartment screaming. I called the police.

Someone else must have called them, too, because both Austin PD and Travis County Sheriff's deputies were there within a couple of minutes. My neighbor saw them approach, and he charged back into the apartment and slammed the front door.

Now, inside my apartment, I could hear pretty well what was going on inside their apartment. There was some more arguing and thumping noises, and then I heard their back door open and slam. She opened the front door and told the approaching policemen that he had just taken off. Now, judge me if you will, but I thought this would be a good moment to step out my back door onto my little patio to have a smoke. I also brought a golf club with me, should I meet anything...less than pleasant.

It was dark out, but from what I could see the neighbor dude was long gone. Seconds later, a deputy came out the back door of the neighboring apartment with his gun drawn, and for one heart-stopping second it looked like he was going to swing it over and aim it at me...but, luckily, he didn't. He just said, "Sir, this is a really a bad time for you to be outside." I said, "Yes, sir," and went back into my apartment--and back to my peephole.

The female neighbor was led out by police; where they took her, I have no idea, but hopefully somewhere safe. She was limping slightly and bleeding heavily from her left arm. After she was gone, and over the next hour or so, the police searched the neighboring apartment; they carried out two or three boxes of stuff, but I couldn't see what was in them. They also knocked on my door and called me out to ask what, if anything, I had heard or seen. I told them what I knew, and that was that.

For all I know, the guy next door is still on the run--but I did see a helicopter with a searchlight scouring the neighborhood while the police were searching the apartment. All is quiet this morning; I just took a look outside, and there are a couple drops of her blood on the concrete outside their door.

I have lived at this apartment complex for over three years now, and have never had a touch of trouble; in all honesty, the next door neighbors haven't given me any trouble directly, but with activity like that taking place there...hell, no one wants that shit in their neighborhood. I can only speculate that their eviction is likely...and I hope the next person or people who move in are more pleasant.

And that was my little adventure last night. How was your full moon Friday?

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Holy shit, man. I'm glad to hear that you're okay, at least--I can't imagine having to sit through all of that crap.

There really was nothing that happened that affected me directly, really; it just all took place a lot closer to me than I would like. The only really scary part was when I saw the deputy with his gun drawn; in retrospect, it was probably the stupidest possible time I could have chosen to step outside.

Ultimately, I hope this means I will get quieter and more law-abiding neighbors soon.

Dang. Yeah, I hope he's gone for good. That's pretty damn scary. :/

The management here at the apartment complex is pretty eviction-happy if you don't follow their lease to the letter; there are always new evictions shortly after the first of every month.

I am guessing having the cops come to their place several times in the past six months--and this time being a potentially violent issue--that this will be the last straw. Or I hope so.

eep! jeeze I'm sorry dude! wow that sounds difficult to be there for that. I agree no one wants that in their neighborhood.

All things considered, it could have been a lot worse. But hopefully the outcome of this will be the neighborhood quieting back down to normal again. Seriously, it's a cool place to live, generally speaking. But one bad apple in this case can spoil the barrel.

See, crap like this is stirring the ugliest of Archie Bunker acid refluxes in me.

Yeah, it can be difficult to be enlightened and socially decent when you encounter someone who celebrates and perpetuates negative social stereotypes, as if rubbing it in your face is a badge of pride for them.

Sadly, dickheads like this abound in every race, color and creed on earth. o(:oP

I've always found assholes bragging about their jail time to be extremely amusing because they're basically saying two things...

1: I'm so stupid I can't even commit a crime without being caught.

2: I can't wait to get back into jail so I can suck cock for cigarettes.

Once again I'm very grateful to be living in Canada. People like that get busted REAL quick up here.

Yeah; at one point he was lamenting that he couldn't find good work with seven felonies on his record. I was really tempted to say to him, "Um...maybe you might have thought after the first two or three you might have wanted to cut down a bit on the illegal behavior?" But I didn't, because he wouldn't have gotten the sarcasm, and intelligent conversation is wasted on the profoundly stupid.

Oh, and one more stereotype brought to life: he and his friends were aspiring rap "artists." Sadly, with his record and intelligence, that may be the only professional venue left to him.

Reminds me of the place I was living in when I first moved to Columbus, on Livingston Ave. A guy was gunned down in the parking lot shortly after I left. Glad I missed it.

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