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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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15 1/2 months of hell, finally over
There are those among the agnostics and atheists out there who argue that there is no Heaven or Hell, for we create these states of being here on earth--or have them foisted upon us. Using that as an example, then, I am about to exit what has been for me almost 16 months of hell on earth.

I got the call today, the call that said, "We have decided to pull the trigger and ask you to come aboard." Starting November 29, I will start my career as a corporate copywriter, working on blog entries, business correspondence, advertising and technical writing for a group of three small companies that all work in tandem here in central Texas. After two lengthy interviews and three writing samples, they are ready to have me join their team. The position is contracted for 60 days, and then becomes permanent--and I have been assured that unless I screw this up colossally, this will happen; they want me for the long run. And I have no intention of screwing it up!

Now that this horrendous period of my life is over--hopefully for good--I would like to make a few comments to those who have ridden through it with me.

First, thank you. I am sure my mood swings, stress and anxiety have been as hellish for you as they have been for me. I was unable to keep on the antidepressants I sorely need in times like this, strictly for economic reasons, and I often hated the person I became. I was jealous almost to distraction of those who were able to get and keep good jobs while I repeatedly struggled and failed. I know for a fact there were times when I was damned near impossible to be around. Again, to those of you who stuck with me, thank you.

Second, for those of you who are still struggling to find work: Keep at it. Relentlessly. Continuously. Network, research, apply apply apply. In the period since I was first laid off in July 2009, I had applied for over 3,200 different positions, the overwhelming majority of which I never heard anything back, ever. Don't let the apathy and rejections get you down; I know this is easier said than done. But you are your own best advocate, and you should never give up. The hard work will eventually pay off; if a schmuck like me can land something decent, anyone can.

Finally, please indulge me as I present a brief timeline of my life over the last 15 months or so.

July 2009: I had a pretty good job, even though it was pockmarked by repeated layoffs at the company. Finally, after yet another devastating economic setback, the company is forced to lay off seven people late in July--including me. I immediately start collecting unemployment insurance.

November 2009: I land a so-so job as an office manager for a startup senior care franchise. The owner of the franchise is so clueless about what he is doing, the company folds under, and I find myself jobless again in late February 2010. Back onto unemployment I go.

May 2010: I am called by a recruiter for a contract position that is supposed to last three years, and I start there in early June. Abruptly and without warning, all contractors are dismissed in late September, just a little over three months into the contract. Despite what our recruiters have told us, we find we are ineligible for unemployment.

November 2010: See above.

So, in the last 16 months, roughly, I have only worked about six of them. Looking back, I can see the only things that kept me alive were my being extremely frugal, and the help of some very good people. I hold the hope that I am never in such a horrendous situation again.

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Congratulations on your new employment! *hugs* :-)


Thanks! o(:o)

*hugs air*

*hugs air*

*gets it right the third time*


No sense of hypocrisy, honor or morality. o(:oP

Yup. He'll fit right in at Congress.

Besides, everyone knows that you can amend contracts after the fact. Even if they're with America.


Awesome! Congrats! =]

*hugs* congratulations! this is wonderful news.

Thank you! Yes, it is, and long overdue, IMHO.

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you. And also relieved.

Thanks! I am relieved, too; I will no longer be defined by "perpetually out-of-work guy."

Hey hey! Congrats. I'm glad to hear it.

Thanks! And no gladder than I am, trust me. o(:o)

Congrats! I can't wait to hear how your job is Hell and your boss is the queen of all harpies. ;)

I kid because Iove! Plus, I'm kind of an asshole.
But I think if this little episode has taught us anything, it's that even in the worst job in the world, one is still taking home a paycheck. Welcome back.

Thanks, then! o(:o)

But in my own defense, the last four employment situations I have been in ended by the position being phased out, layoff due to economic reasons, business closure, and contract termination--all circumstances beyond my control. I haven't voluntarily left a job since I moved to Austin in 2005.

So I may bitch, but I stick with it.

Woot! Congrats, glad to hear. :) I'd just recently heard that you were having a hard time of it, glad that it's finally over!

Thanks! Yeah, things were really coming down to the wire; let's just say this happened just in time.

congrats, and was unaware you lived in texas, around what part by chance?

Thank you! And I live in far north Austin.

ahhh not too far from where im at, im on tech ridge

Not far at all! I am up in the Wells Branch area.

maybe we should hang out and chill sometime?

*hugs* Congratulations, again! I'm so glad that you finally landed this job, and one that really suits your talents. *hugs again*

*hug* Thank you, foxy! Considering I could have gotten--and accepted--a far lesser job, I consider myself really lucky that things turned out the way they did.

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